Best Resources Explaining DIY Closed Loop Systems?

Hi, I’m looking for resources that go in depth on how exactly DIY closed loop systems work. I’m not even on a pump at this point (stopped using it about ten years ago) but might consider switching back if I could make this work. My digestion is starting to get crazier and crazier, and I haven’t been able to sleep through the night without an alarm in a really long time. Hoping to find a blog post or something that easily walks me through the options for DIY looping. Thank you in advance!

Here is good site for one version of diy

Recently an Omnipod Loop DIY has also become available.

However there are also 2 pump/cgms “off the shelf” that are getting close to what the DIY systems offer. Medtronic 670G and Tandem T-Slim X2.



General LOOP FAQs


@MM1thank you! Do most people on this forum use that system?

@Jimi63 thank you! Do you know if most people on this forum use that system?

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Just a guess, but I think more people on this site use Tandem X2 or Medtronic 670G for “closed loop”, not DIY.

The DIY folks are more likely active on FB or Github.

I think your first decision is if you prefer a tubed pump or Omnipod.

If tubed, then I suggest looking at the non DIY pumps. You can find many reviews and discussions on this site about them.


@MM1 great, thank you for the advice! The last time I was looking at pumps I was leaning toward the Tandem but I don’t want to get stuck with a product experiencing really slow progress if a better DIY version exists.

I also have no money for a pump right now so this is all a pipe dream. What better time than now to figure everything out, though.

Tandem is capable of having software upgrades, and many are waiting for the Contol-IQ upgrade, expected to be available this year.

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Best options are probably to wait for the commercial Tandem pump to come out. This is just opinion, but if you are not a current pump user, I think you need time on a pump to get used to the system before attempting Looping. If, eventually, you want to start on a DIY system, you will likely need the older “Eros Pod” version of Omnipod. Insulet will send this to you if you request it specifically.

Know that this may be more expensive upfront to Loop than to start on a commercial system because you need to own an apple laptop/iphone/RileyLink in order to loop.

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@mohe0001 thank you for the additional information! I’m not currently on a pump, but have used one in the past.