Tandem Basal-IQ and Control-IQ

Tandem Diabetes (new) CEO John Sheridan has recently (two weeks ago) provided public comments that give intended direction with the Tandem Basal-IQ and Control-IQ algorithms.

He is speaking in terms of the currently release Basal-IQ algorithm as well as the Control-IQ algorithm expected to be approved and launched later this year.

He is also discussing the currently released t:slim X2 pump as well as the t:sport pump expected to be approved and launched in the second half of next year .

This is in context of the Tandem t:slim X2 pump (and the upcoming t:sport pump) having the FDA designation of Alternate Controller Enabled (ACE) infusion pump.

Tandem CEO:

  • Basal-IQ does not necessarily go away in terms of the Control-IQ launch and the t:sport launch.
  • I think that both algorithms (Basal-IQ & Control-IQ) could be used on both products (t:slim X2 & t:sport).
  • We see both algorithms being available and on both systems.
  • t:sport is going to complement t:slim
  • It will be two pumps with two different algorithm options.
  • We haven’t exactly figured out how we are going to do that yet. Whether it is going to be a switch or we are still working to figure how to exactly make that happen.

Great Info!

I hope continued support for Basal-IQ will happens. I know it’s a big ‘if’ because his comments are apparently not a firm policy announcement.

Basal-IQ has proven very valuable for me but I’m not sure I want or need Control-IQ based on what little I’ve heard about the algorithm. My hope is I can give it a try and if I’m not happy, revert back to Basal-IQ.

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I would love to have both on the same pump. I know I would use both a lot.
Btw, I don’t turn the Basal-IQ off on my pump, I use it constantly and don’t bother to disable it.
But there would be times where the Control-IQ would much better suit my needs, even with the higher BG levels.
I think they will change/relax the numbers or allow user control of BG later on, but it has to prove itself first.

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@Tim35 you’re a rockstar! Thanks for that update!:grin:

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