Betheden Kennels!

In my opinion…
It seems like this was a thread that Brandi started so she could share her experience with her dog to the members of tudiabetes. I’m sure the last thing she(Brandi) wants is someone telling her negative things about something that Brandi described herself from the beginning, “She works amazingly”. It is kind of overwhelming to share a great experience when you(Michele) are stating your bad experience and opinion about Betheden Kennels.
Michelle- My opinion to you would be to start a different thread stating your concerns and past experiences with dogs. You can give people that are looking for a dog a heads up in that new thread. I’m sure you have a valid opinion but I just don’t think it belongs in this thread where Brandi seems pretty happy about her dog from the beginning.
I’m just trying to let you both Brandi and Michele, to share your opinions with out the conflict. Brandi should be able to use this thread she started to share her wonderful dog experience. Michele, I understand where you are coming from but what do you expect to get out of it with someone that is happy with their dog?
I’m sure you both had two totally different experiences. That is possible you know?

I am glad you have a good alert dog. My husband has a trained service dog (not DAD), shes a dobi (yes dobermans amke excellent servie dogs)–but she also senses my lows…she will come and put her head down very hard on my lap or “herd” me to my chair in the living room when low…dogs are sooo amazing!

aw, thats so cool! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t want my child talking to anyone the way Brandi addresses someone who does not share her views…adult or child.

Well, what do you expect with the way you broached the whole thread? I mean, seriously? You are addressing a child with childishness. ENOUGH already.

You are right. I should have posted to another thread. Wasn’t my intent to hijack Brandi’s happy moment. Point taken. It was the thread that opened when I used the link that showed up in my email. Nice to have someone post a reasonable opinion without becoming confrontational. It’s obvious you actually read what is written and reason through the issues. Thanks.

This is a public forum, not private email. I was addressing whomever reads these things. Not my fault when the reader can’t grasp the obvious.

I just got my precious dog Dutchess last week from Betheden Kennels. I like you Brandi have had nothing but a wonderful experience. I just read that the kennel is closing which makes me so sad. I feel bad for the other people who desperatly need help. Dutchess has been alerting for when i am in my college classes where i tend to miss most low blood sugars because i tend to get busy or distracted. Congrats on your dog Brandi.

Hmm, Dutchess…I recognize that name…Is she a chocolate lab? If so, I met her and played with her while I was there! :slight_smile:

Yes Dutchess was the chocolate lab that you meet. She is so playful and just so sweet. She is really good at alerting so far.

Haha I remember her. She was really sweet and always wanted to play. She was a pretty cool dog :slight_smile:
Im glad she went to a good home and is alerting well. :smiley:

I would just like to point out that cats can also alert you of a low. I had a little tabby who always would wake me up at night if my blood sugar got too low. He was accurate 100% of the time. He also would know the minute I walked into the room if I was starting to crash. Found out he was diabetic too! After he died, my other male cat started to notice my blood sugars, and he is able to also tell when I am getting high, as well as low. There are all types of special animals out there…

Thats really cool! Ive only heard of cats alerting once. There was a guy that had a cat that would wake him up if he was low.
I wonder what other animals could do it…

Something else about this post now sticks out to me. The phrases “I’m afraid Andrew is too concerned about making sure the dog loves him the MOSTEST in the world.” and “Andrew is not nearly proactive enough in training.”

Well there’s your problem. If you dont continually and consistently scent train with a DAD, its not going to alert as well as it should. It doesn’t matter how many fancy trainers you hire, if the diabetic isnt working with the alert dog, then the alert dog won’t alert. It’s as simple as that.