"Better" battery for PDM

About a month ago, when we were deciding on which pump to go with, I ran across a post that mentioned that one of the top brand batteries (either Duracell or Energizer) fits loose in the PDM and can cause it to alarm and have to be reset. Does anyone know which battery is the "better" battery for the PDM? My son starts on the OmniPod this Friday and I want to buy the right ones. Thanks.

We all have different experiences, but I'll just say that I never use name-brand batteries in my PDM. I buy the cheapo ones at Walmart or Walgreens and they work great.
I read some people report that you can adjust the battery contacts in the PDM so that the batteries fit a little more snugly; I did that a while ago, and it's been a LONG time since I had any sort of battery issue.

We just use the ones from Costco - Kirkland brand. They work fine and last several weeks. Best value for your money. I ordered an 8-pack of Eneloop AAA rechargeables, but that was before I read you're not supposed to use rechargeable batteries. Sure would be more cost-effective and ecofriendly, but Insulet says no go.

I use the energizer plus…they seem to last longer than any other batteries I’ve used.

Energizer Alkyline are much cheaper than Duracell. Starting out you will use up the batteries rather quickly - around three weeks. Main drain on the batteries is the light. As time goes on the batteries will last longer.

I shut down the light after adjustments and after a year the batteries last me 6 - 8 weeks.

Rechargeable batteries are often a problem because the starting voltage is lower. This might affect the electronics, it will definitely affect the low battery sensor.

Energizer Max are the ones Insulet recommends. We use those and I feel like we never change batteries - but I've stopped keeping track. We also used to have problems but haven't had any since we switched.

They're all exactly the same size.

My experience is that they last far longer than would cause me any concern - I hardly ever have to change PDM batteries, so I just use what I have in the drawer for my computer mouse (which eats batteries).

In the UK, they send out Energiser Industrial batteries & the NHS pays for them as consumables.

the best is supposed to be energizer max, but if i cant find these we us others and have had no major issues good luck with the first few days, are doing a saline test the first week or jumping right in? either way do expect some adjustments and ask if you have any questions! amy

I read that battery post shortly after starting my Omnipod experience. Since then I've used just about every battery that's available, and none seemed to be any different than the next. All alkaline of course. All of them "fit" nicely in the PDM and were not loose (I'd say that was a problem with the PDM and not the battery). I normally get around 6 weeks or more of life from any battery. No matter what brand or price.

So, my experience, don't worry about it. Buy the cheap one's if that's your game, or the expensive one's if you think it gives you better performance. It's all about the same.

I've used rechargeables occasionally; the only problem seemed to be that the low battery meter wasn't very accurate, It wasn't a huge problem for me, I just carried a spare pair with my PDM. But then my kids adopted the rechargeable AAA batteries for some toy or another, so now I just use the cheapies. They last 4-6 weeks so it's not very expensive.

You might save money by getting a newer mouse. Current Microsoft and Logitech mice get around 3 years life out a couple batteries. My fav is the Logitech M705. (off topic, sorry...)

I use the Energizer Max and usually get 2+ months out of a set. I always turn the unit off manually when I've finished a BG test or any other function. If you pay attention, you can find some excellent sales on name-brand batteries and pick up a good supply. The shelf life is several years.

In my PDM, it didn't matter what batteries I used, they would all be a little loose. So what I did was to cut a tiny piece of felt the same size as the battery opening. I put my batteries in, lay that piece of felt on top of them, then put the door on. Works perfect. I have never had any more issues with the PDM losing contact with the batteries and resetting again. I have been on the OmniPod and doing this for 2 years with no issues.

Thanks for all of the replies. I think I'll buy the Energizer Max to avoid any problems from the start. I'm a "better safe than sorry" type person. Thanks again!! :)