PDM Battery Question

I just started on the pod this week and am trying to make sure I have backups for everything. One of the last things I need to get my hands on are batteries.

I know that “they” recommend using the Energizer Max batteries for the pdm. Are they truly the best? Has anyone had luck with rechargeable batteries? I’d like to make this as “green” as possible…

I use Energizer Ultimate Lithium. They last in my PDM a little over two months!!


I’ve been on OmniPod for 2 weeks now and had issues with the batteries that were sent with the PDM. I switched over to the Energizer Lithium batteries and haven’t had any additional issues. Good luck and welcome to the Omni-Pod world!

I have not tried rechargeable yet myself. Although I did have a set of Panasonic that lasted 4 days. Usually, I seem to go 6 weeks or so with my energizer or duracell.

Here are a few places where this has been discussed: Which aaa batteries are best
battery life for pdm
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Maybe you can find additional information there. I do know that the one thing “they” do not recommend are the lithium batteries

Thanks! I searched for a while and couldn’t find them :slight_smile:

Good to know. Thanks for the welcome!

Two months?!?! That’s amazing! I will look into them, thank you!

We were told not to use rechargable. We use what the told us and I think we’ve changed once since the beginning of October. We are on the last piece of battery, but it’s been on that for over a week. I’m pleased with the battery life of the Energizer Max.

Great! Thanks, Shirley :slight_smile:

I use Lithiums too. Just be aware that you will not get a low battery warning with Lithiums. When my Lithiums are done the PDM just goes dark. I always carry spares with me.

Hey Kate,

I now only use Energizer Max and get about 4 to 5 weeks out of them. I tried basic RayoVac cheapies and it caused my PDM to error out only 4 days after the battery change which in turn caused the Pod to be deactivated. I had to totally reprogram the PDM settings, plus change the pod, and all of this while I was stuck at work without my programming info. So my recommendation is to stick with Energizer Max or DuraCell’s. I ran DuraCell’s once and only got about 3 weeks out of them, though.

One thing that I would highly recommend, is to save all of your PDM settings in an online notepad somewhere. I use Yahoo’s version that’s comes with my email account. That way you can recall that info up anytime and from anywhere you have internet access. I have sent a suggestion to Insulet that they need to offer this service in the user’s section of their website, plus add the ability to download the data back into the PDM from their site. We’ll see if they act on the suggestion.

Anyway, keep a positive mind and keep coming back here with your questions and concerns. We’re always happy to help.


I had 2 PDM errors within 3 weeks of starting the pod. First error with batteries that came with the pod and second error after my first battery change with Walgreens alkaline. I got a new PDM last week and was advised to use Energizer Max batteries by customer service when I asked (isn’t it interesting how they recommend them but don’t send those out with your PDM???). I was not having issues with the PDM turning on and off as others have mentioned (those seemed to be directly battery related) but I’m going “by the book” and using the Energizer max. I don’t want any more PDM problems with wasted pods and insulin!

although we love our omnipod pump, we have always used what is recomended, omnipod seems to be very tempermental to us, we wouldn’t want to mess anything up! Just us i guess. We do use the old batteries from the pdm in other things around the house when we discard.

We have gone through 3 or 4 PDMs so far (I can’t keep track) with them turning on and off - we do have the best luck with Energizer Max. There has been some discussion about the fact that they are very slightly longer, so the connection points are better? Although with the PDM we just sent back that didn’t seem to matter - it still malfunctioned.
The one thing I was told once was that using the lithiums could void the warranty since it isn’t “recommended.” I have no proof of that, but I didn’t want to risk it either.