Better Betics Pact Part Two

It's a funny thing, how within a matter of, oh lets say 15 seconds or so, your entire mood can shift. I woke up this morning in a relatively good mood... I rolled over, and tested... I was 217 :( Instantly my mood went south. I started barking (not literally) at everyone. I was so angry. I was even more upset. I don't know how it happened. I went to sleep with a good number. (124). Seven hours later, I was 317! UGH! Thinking about it makes me angry! But it doesn't normally happen, and I can't let a number ruin my day. So I treated it, and within the hour or so I was back down to 174. I was a lot happier. Later on however, my blood sugar dropped down to 58. I don't mind being low, it just makes me a sloth. And being a college freshman with an over-loaded credit semester, a sloth isn't allowed. But for the rest of the day my numbers were between 120-150. And I am okay with that.

Martha and I have been hitting some bumps along the road to becoming better betics. We've been riding the diabetic roller coaster so to say. We've been constantly going back and forth between lows, somewhat highs, and like me today, very high numbers. I'm not totally sure why this is happening. I guess our bodies are just adjusting to the new constant up keep? I know it will pass soon though. I've noticed that I am a lot more optomistic about testing. I even want to test more often now! I really hope I keep this up.

I love Martha! And I love the help she is giving me, and the support I need. It's also kinda cool, at least to me, that our bodies are pretty much doing the same things. It helps a lot also, knowing that I'm not the only one who these things are happening to.

I knew this wasn't going to be easy. I know living with diabetes isn't a very easy thing to do. But I know over time, however, that I'll be a healthier, much happier person/diabetic. Haha I almost feel like I should be saying "My name is Andrew, and I am a Diabetic"

Oh well. I'm going to wrap this up. I'll add another one in a few days. I think Martha is planning on blogging soon as well. But I hope this isn't getting borning to many of you. The comments you all have been leaving are great encouragement and greatly appericated!

-Andrew G

I’m glad we decided to do this! I think we’re already getting better.