So its been about a week my blood sugars have been running in the 100ds and today i woke up with it at 60 i kinda paniced concidering my body is not use to the good sugars but i managed i just hope my mentality lets me continue but so far i am proud of myself…

And you should be. To be honest sometimes in life we need to take those little victories just like we take the big ones. Diabetes is one of those things that if you try to take it all at once it can defeat you and then you feel depressed. So let's all raise our hands and yell at the top of our lungs "WAY TO GO NEENEE!!"

Thank you so much that means alot :slight_smile:

Great job!
Sometimes I feel fine before I do my check, but once I see the (low) number, I suddenly feel the low also. Wired.
Don't get discouraged!

Thanks i have had it my whle lfe and its weird even if i am asleep can feel it low or high i was asleep when i woke up to it low

Everyone thinks I'm crazy because I have joined Brokenpole and I'm yelling "WAY TO GO NEENEE". Sounds like you got it going your way. I have read your other post about your desire to increase your family. I say this is a good start.

Thank you

Good job girl! You should be proud. :)

Awesome ! keep it up ! I woke up the last night at 5am with my bloods at '1.3' and nearly fainted when I saw it ! It's the lowest I've ever been ! It can be annoying but is it better to have them too low or too high ?!?

Is crazy how low a 60 can feel when your not used to being in the normal range. I’m very proud of you cause I especially know how hard it is! So happy!

:slight_smile: <3