BEWARE: Telemarketing Weasels Collecting for ADA Keep 66%

The past 3 weeks I’ve been getting deluged by telemarketing calls that show up on my Caller ID only as “Texas”. I took one and told them to take me off their list. No such luck. They call two times a day every day.

They call me using many different numbers (all from the same exchange), so I can’t block them, but all numbers resolve to the same company.

I did some research and found out this is a company called FutureMarket Telecenter. It is collecting for the ADA but only “34% of the contributions raised by this organization were returned to
or retained by the charity client(s).”

Read more at Link found at Google follows:

Hundreds of people are complaining about these vermin at this web site:

I have given money in the past to the ADA to support friends who were doing diabetes “walks.” That appears to be how I got on their “Annoy to Death” list.

The ADA will get into bed with anyone who sends them money. If 66% of every dollar raised goes to a telemarketing mill, no problem.


Do not contribute to these weasels!

Amazing timing. No sooner had I posted this, than they called me AGAIN.

Heres the number they used 1-361-992-3054

Hi Jenny,
Found a site this evening that gives lots and lots of information about charities. I don’t know how to list my blog in the comment but it’s on my TD page. Incidentally, you are truly a WEALTH of information and I appreciate it.