UltraSound non-invasive blood glucose monitor (Doesnt look like it out yet)


Looks interesting! Anyone know more? Looks like they were at the 9th Annual Diabetes Technology Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA.


Wow! No lancets & no strips to buy!

Yeah! I would think insureances would love this, with less or no more strips to cover! This makes me excited!

It looks appealing: non-invasive, no consumables to buy, only have to wear a “personal ear clip,” calibration only needed about once per month. Since I have patiently followed the promise of countless continuous glucose measurement products over the last 15 years, I won’t hold my breath.

From their website:

"Question: When will the device be ready to commercialization?

Answer: We expect GlucoTrack to be ready for commercialization (after achieving CE Mark) in the European market in mid 2010, and about a year later in the USA market, after FDA Approval."

There are many hoops left to jump through. I wish them luck. In the meantime I am pleased to be able to use current CGMS technology that is here today.

I think this would be great, I am a type 2 but I test about 10 to 11 times a day and my fingers would welcome the technology

Hope there’s no lobbying against this by the US meter companies. They’re going to lose millions in strip sales.