Bg tracking apps & techie stuff

I depend heavily upon my bg tracking app on my tablet/phone to see what’s happening & give me some perspective.

My activity tracker helps fill in some data as well. I’m using a Samsung pro fit 2, in conjunction with the Samsung health app, & mySugr app to track bg’s.

Activity tracker counts steps, continuous heart rate, & sleep quality.

Bg app tracks all sorts of circumstances & I recently discovered it’s searchable through tags making matching circumstances easier to see if there’s a pattern worth taking note of.

I’m curious what others use & why. So, if you use an app or dedicated software to study objective data, what do you use?

I use CGM and pump data within the Loop artificial pancreas system both to guide realtime decisions as well as looking back in time to provide perspective on needed changes. These changes include pump basal rates, insulin to carb ratios, insulin sensitivity factors as well as pre-bolus times.

Here are the two displays I use for realtime analysis:


The present moment is the vertical dashed line where the BG trace turns from green to purple. The top blue trace shows the basal profile that is programmatically chosen by the Loop system. Loop works by adjusting basal rates that add, subtract, or accept the pump’s programmed basal profile.

The trace in the middle of the page is the 24-hour BG line superimposed with meal insulin doses, carb consumption, and notes (the small brown circles) that can show Afrezza doses, infusion set changes, and CGM sensor changes.

The bottom trace shows 48 hours of BG data. Green is in-range, yellow shows slightly out of range, and red indicates far out of range.

This display also shows carbs on board, insulin on board, infusion site age, and CGM sensor site age.

Loop dashboard

I access this dashboard on my smartphone. It shows much the same data as the NightScout display.

The blue box with the white heart near the bottom is a function I use every day. It’s intended design was to be able to set a higher BG target when anticipating an exercise session. I use it to set a lower BG target when I want more aggressive temporary basal delivery. I think of this like a gas pedal on a car. I use it to pull the BG trace down into my target range and then turn it off when it arrives there.

Dexcom Clarity 14-day AGP

AGP = ambulatory glucose profile, a report intended to standardize the way clinicians and patients look at data. The FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitor also uses an AGP report. I use this display to help me identify needed changes to insulin to carb ratios, insulin sensitivity factors, basal rates, and pre-bolus times.

It’s easy to see that my current challenges are with my evening and overnight BGs. I need to be more consistent with my exercise and avoid evening snacking, something I struggle with.

As you can see, I love to look at data. I’ve learned that when I simply watch the data, it subconsciously influences better behavior. I know that everyone is not wired like me and people use different tools. Some may call this needlessly complicated and obsessive but, for me, I find it that it simplifies my life in the longer run. When my BG is in range, everything in my life is easier.

I am interested in more details about the apps you use and how you use them.

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I enter carbs and insulin on the Dexcom app mainly for the purpose of tracking my bolus timing adjustments and correction bolus. I also jot them down in a small pocket notebook.

For activity, a small notebook and pencil! I have an Apple watch 2 but the activity tracker does not work well. Also, for heavy workouts I do not wear the watch.

Do you wear a pump? I download my devices to Tidepool and all of that info ends up merged on reports. My Dexcom CGM automatically populates through Apple Health and I download my Tandem pump which has my insulin and carb data and meters through their Uploader. Once I start getting Medicare coverage for my sensors, I’ll be able to download the receiver to Tidepool.

If you use injections, this is not a great solution for you.

I am waiting for the new Freestyle meter,very excited. Nancy