What are your diabetes log app recommendations? NOT MySugr, please

I’ve been pretty consistent with putting my data into MySugr.

Well, there was some sort of glitch, and they lost a lot of my data. Basically, all of the stuff I entered since mid-February or so is gone except for my gym data which is fed to MySugr by another app.

Once I noticed it, I got in contact with the MySugr support team hoping that they had my data somewhere in the cloud. I’ve been in contact with them for about 9 days and got the word yesterday that, oops, the data is gone. Now they’ve sent me another gauntlet of questions they want me to answer so that this doesn’t happen to someone else.

Nice, but they only had ONE job: keep my diabetes log data secure.

I need to see what else is out there, so are there any diabetes log apps that you love?

Thanks in advance!

Note: I’m already wearing a Dexcom, which is synced to Dexcom Clarity. I also already use Tidepool, but Tidepool is still being built out.

I’ve been using Onedrop for 2 or 3 years and haven’t had any significant issues with it. It’s free and Dexcom can sync to it but I prefer for it not to be since the BG entry every 5 minutes makes it hard to find manual BG’s and medication entries. It’s easy to use and does generate several different kinds of reports along with a pretty extensive food database where you can save your favorite meals for faster entry.


Thanks, Firenza!

I actually went into the app store and found a ton! I’m going to have to track down reviews and other stuff on them to make a short-list.

PredictBGL is very full featured (including a bolus calculator that can include carb and protein data from external apps) but consequently not straightforward to set up. It’s also a paid app if you want to include integration with other data sources like Dexcom.

Sugarmate is also nice and easy to use, and has many of the features of PredictBGL excluding the bolus calculator. It’s also free and well supported by the developer. I use it in preference to the standard Dexcom app.

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Thank you!

If you try any apps, please post your reviews of them.

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Sometimes there is a delay, but I’ll usually loop back regarding my strong opinions on whatever. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use the OneDrop app to record my blood glucose and insulin doses.

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I’ve been using blood glucose tracker, it’s a pretty manual app thatican be used to track BP, food intake, and rx.

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@Dylan_Sutton I actually have Predict BGL already. My endo recommended it, and I tried it because I trust him and his recs. It’s a bit too much. I really just want something simpler: a log that talks to other apps. MySugr does that a little bit. Sugarmate sounds good a good option. I went to their app page, and it looked good.

Thanks, @anon69390768! OneDrop now has two votes, and they have a strip purchasing system too. They’re the front-runner.

@Eugenia Is blood glucose tracker an iOS app? When I search for that it pulls up a long list but nothing that’s specifically named that.

I’m so irritated with MySugr now, but, of course, I’m still using the app because = habit. Also, I’ve not made a choice, so it will do for now. Let’s hope they don’t lose my data again in the meantime.

I have found one recently called glucose. Good for insulin users

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Thanks, @Jll.

Hope ypu love it . You can also tell a1c I’ve also been tracking food w app called lose it. It will also do glucose with premium version.

Yes. Android. Only drawback is no login, so I use the export feature regularly.

My sugar is good tho :stuck_out_tongue:

But bg monitor is my favourite!

I know that this isn’t what you are looking for, but I have always found the simplest thing to be a little notebook in my purse where I write everything down.

I find it easier to write things while driving than to enter data into my phone.

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@mohe0001 you are old school! Try Tidepool…free and has an app for Co text notes. Plus you are able to donate data for research anonymously.


I am using TP, El_Ver. Its great.
I’m actually having trouble w/ paper records right now.
I need a new way to manage the data. I’m kinda stuck, but working on it.
I have a terrible present for you. I’ll send via message.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I used to keep written logs way back when as I’m old enough to have been around previous to smartphones, apps, and cloud computing. That’s not what I’m looking for. The functionality is great with all the apps that can talk to each other, and it makes it easier for me to also share info with my medical team, especially my endo.

I suppose. If you can’t find anything you like, maybe you should design something and put it out there onto the web for someone else to build.