BG won't go below 200

Hi everyone! I just got my pump a week ago (640g) and I’m having trouble with the basal. My BG just won’t go below 200. I was advised to use a temporary dose of 120%, but it’s the same. What should I do? It’s so frustrating!

Lots of different possibilities for what is happening, but I will start with a very general rule which maybe does not always apply, but usually does.

  • If you are trying to fix a high, use a bolus.
  • If you are trying to prevent a high, use a basal, or temp basal, or the correct IC.

As time goes by, you get your basal tuned in better to what you will need.

But in general, trying to fix a BG of 200 by increasing your basal will be much slower than just bolusing to fix it, and then figuring out what your correct basal and IC should be to prevent if from happening next time.

Not sure if that makes sense. Lemme know if I should clarify.


You might want to start your own thread

Thanks for your answer! In fact, I’ve been using bolus Since the very first day, but my BG remained the same, that’s why I tried changing the basal. Anyway, as the pump is new, I don’t really know how the dosis work.

Shouldn’t you have received some training? Have you read the manual?

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If your basal is too low, you might keep drifting back up after the bolus correction wears off.

If you get your BG to a good number, and don’t eat anything, does it drift back up?

Once you get the basal set correctly, it will become easier.

Is this your first time with a pump? A lot of what I would want to tell you would depend on if you have a lot of experience with a pump, or if it is very new to you. If you have experience already, I don’t want to bore you with stuff you already know.