Help the Big Blue Test video win a TED award!

Every year, an organization called TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) holds a competition called "Ads Worth Spreading", the winners of which are run on the TED website after the airing of their talks series.

The Diabetes Hands Foundation video for the 2011 Big Blue Test initiative is one of this year's entries to the! Decisions are based on a variety of criteria, one of which is community support for the ad. Please take a look at the ads in the running, and if you like the Big Blue Test video, by all means vote for it!

ok everyone! if you have not voted, please do it now. and if you have voted, vote again. if you haven't seen the video in a while, it's a real feel-good video with lots of great TuDiabetes members, beautiful locations, upbeat music, and inspiration. we need as many members of the community as possible to vote on it. go team!

Has the contest ended? I clicked through on the "Ads Worth Spreading" link and found a list of winning ads. But no date was listed, so I don't know if they are past or current winners.

Please continue voting up until the conference begins on February 27. Let's try to get a large number of TuDiabetes members involved in this!