Big Blue Test video update: YouTube feature and younger views

If you go to this page:

you will see the Big Blue Test video appear. You may need to refresh the page a few times, because the page rotates the top 3 spots among the featured videos for all channels.

We are VERY excited about this, but we need your help to keep on getting more views for the video. Remember we need to hit 100,000 to get the full donation of $75,000 that Roche has committed (they will donate up to 100,000, but we want to benefit as many children as possible).

The views have been strong among 35+ and older, but not as strong among the younger folks...

So, please tell your children, grandchildren, friends, cousins, brothers, sisters, co-workers: everyone you can to watch the video and pass it along.

In general, adding the video as a Facebook status update has generated lots of views, so I encourage you to do this, if you haven't:

While we're at it... why not watch it one more time?

My Daughter thought it was a Cool video and a Very worthwhile cause so she had sent it to her Friends on and off FB last week-end. I’ve played that video a million times(as most have). I thought 100,000 would have been conquered already.

Thanks so much, Terrie!! :slight_smile:

I’ve watched this video many times but I feel a little uneasy about it. There are about 2,000 more views to reach 100,000 which hopefully will be later this afternoon.

I went in to Fark where its been embedded and read some of the comments and a good question asked would Roche have withheld the donation if the 100,000 target wasn’t reached?

$75,000 is a lot for an individual but a very small fraction of the profits that Roche make from diabetics like us.
I guess i’m a little biased against Roche since the compact plus which i’ve had 3 of all recorded wrong results. It took a heart attack and 2 stents before I got to find out the numbers were meaningless. my current meter seems correctly calibrated with the ones the hospital use.

I’m glad the target is going to be reached and roche will make its donation diabetes sucks and helping kids get treatment they need is a very worthwhile thing to do, testing tomorrow will hopefully provide useful data but realistically are we not also pushing roche products and giving them a better image. It’s a really small donation when you consider it wouldnt even cover two thirty second commercial spots on TV. I’ve got to admit I didn’t know Roche made the compact + before seeing this video.

Indeed diabetes is a bigger issue than any contribution or donation, but nevertheless we are very thankful that Roche sponsored the video and they are making this donation.

A donation of 75 cents per view is being made regardless of the 100,000 goal getting reached or not. However, at this stage (just under 2,000 views away) I think we will hit the 100,000 views goal (in fact, pass it) and get the full $75,000 donation from Roche.

You know i was looking at the viewing figures for last years video and climbing from around 1,600 to 100,000 this year is quite an achievement. Roches donation just seems a little small when you see how much people are paying to stay alive and healthy.

How many kids can be helped with $75,000 worth of Insulin more than with Zero thats for sure, but your video has reached a lot of people a fantastic result, but what all the viewers want is for these diabetic children to be kept alive and healthy and I don’t think anyone is under any illusion that Roche can’t easily afford to give more. I really hope they come through, I think they have an opportunity to really make a huge difference much more than what $75,000 will bring. Seems a bonus for reaching the target would be very welcome.

We will make sure to ask them for more money next year! :slight_smile: