Big Brother Watching MY Prescription

I went to my quarterly endo visit yesterday. When George came into the room he said "Big brother is watching." I did not know what he was talking about until he showed me a form and inquiry from the Feds listing all of my prescriptions and where I buy them. I was gobsmacked and did not really pay close attention. Why do the Feds need to know my medications? The form had my name on it. I am on private insurance. I am a taxpayer so I receive no benefits from the government. He said that the cover letter said something about them checking on all people with 10, or more, Rx's. Why?


They are looking for abuse of prescription drugs and attendant "Doctor Shopping". More so than just watching you, they are also watching your doctor and what he prescribes, especially looking for "prescription mills".

I counted and I'm only up to 7 prescriptions!

I myself was caught up in an "insurance mill" about 25 years ago. Docs running up unneeded tests and services with a close circle of providers.

Are you on any controlled meds?

I have no controlled meds rather the typical profile for someone who has been a T1 for 44 years - basal/bolus, test strips, needles, cholesterol, thyroid, etc. I do have an endocrinologist, pulmonologist, retina specialist, orthopedist, etc.

I get the concept of controlled meds abuse - pill mills,doctor shopping or forged scripts. But that in no way applies to my profile.

I am sympathetic with your "Big Brother" sentiment. Unfortunately my real feelings will quickly spill into the political realm and I'd rather not provoke that discussion on this board. I often find it hard to separate things like access to health care from politics because they are linked.

I know I've not been as discreet about my political sensibilities here in the past but I've decided that this kind of topic often degrades into a push and pull battle that does little to help people manage their diabetes well.



To be clear, my reference to Obamacare above is not political -- it's my understanding that the ability of Uncle Sam to demand this sort of information was in the bill.

I haven't read the entire Affordable Care Act so I have no comment.

I'm happy that more people with diabetes in the US can now access the kind of care that I've enjoyed my entire 30 years with D but even this sentiment strays from the OP's topic.

I hold no ill feelings!

If you are on medicare (I dont knwo if you are or not) it is common for Medicare to review any scripts processed on part B. This happens very frequently with test strips which are being charged more and more to Part B. that may be the cause of the issue, jsut a

beechbeard said - "I am on private insurance. I am a taxpayer so I receive no benefits from the government."

I am fascinated by this and also gobsmacked. Can you call George, beechbeard and ask him who is on the "Feds" letterhead for this intrusive inquiry? That might just provide some insight if not actual answers.

Your question should be properly directed to your endo. Unfortunately, with the information provided, all we can do is speculate.