Big set back

Six months ago I was over the Moon jumping for joy doing cartwheels in the living room because my blood sugars were down to 7.1 and I had lost nearly 3 stone since the new regime of insulin and Victoza had begun, today i visited the diabetic specialist and had the biggest shock in a long time as far as my diabetes was concerned,blood sugars up to 8.3 put on 6 lbs in weight and all the previous good work gone down the pan.

The specialist was shocked and his prognosis was not good at all increase insulin and put on moor weight he ruled that plan out increase the dosage of victoza from 0.6 to 1.2 and leave the insulin as it it 120 units a day and see me in 4 months time,so the second plan (B) was put into place considering I have had little or no physical excesses since Christmas due to four bouts of gout which lays you flat out in bed in real agony two severe colds severe shoulder pain due to arthritis has not helped my cause one bit.

I could do with some encouragement from all of you out there in diabetes land as I am feeling very low at the moment you think stupidly that you have an angle on this beast called diabetes then it rises up to bit you in the neck like friends of the night.


Sorry that you have had problems with gout, arthritis & colds - sounds like you have had enough! I am sure that is why your A1c was up. It is very hard when you are not able to move around much - been there, done that. I have been battling an infection & fighting high blood sugars lately myself. Hopefully things will turn around for you soon.

Aw that’s too Bad that your A1c went up and you haven’t been feeling Good Ray. But with what you have been going through and less exercise, the A1c should be expected… That gout sounds Very painful. Sorry to hear it. Once the higher dose of medication gets you feeling Better, then you can feel more like getting out there for walks and taking Beautiful photos again. I hope that you are getting much Nicer weather than we are. Rain, rain go away. Have a Feel Good Day Ray! :slight_smile:

And Hi to Smudge. :slight_smile:

Well I am sorry to hear about your recent set back. I know there is nothing I can say or do to change it… but
(((((((((((HUGZZZZZ)))))))))))))) to you!

See, cats know how to relax! You should take notes from him, find a nice long bench near a heater and just follow his lead! I recommend a good belly rub and a few skritches behind the ear. The cat’s ears, not yours. Well, either way i guess. Cats don’t mind either. But hey, Spring is here! Almost, maybe, time for a few quick shuffles around the block?

Don;t get discouraged, It happens to the best of us. Think of the things that you might have done, My A1C was 9.5 I had a stroke.Never on insulin before but the endo put me right on it. I ate healthy counted carbs and just tried. I will be 84 in May. I am handicapped and use a walker but do do chair exercises. I count carbs. I misbehave now and then…like yesterday I had lemon meringue pie…my facorite. Do not get discouraged I find insulin does addweight and from the readings in the victoza group a lot of them put on weight with that. Just do the best you can. YOU CAN DO IT. Reed I flunked Typing 1901 and type with 1 ARTHUR RITIC finger so excuse my errors,.

I’m of similar mind to kenx – a lesson from kitty is in order. Even with so much going on, one should take time to seek the warmest spot in the flat and meditate the moment.

You got to 7.1 before, and you can again :slight_smile:

Hi Twiddlemthumbs. I just watched the Royal Wedding, all eyes are on London right now. I hope you’re feeling better today, that you feel like a little celebration there in Shropshire. I’ll think of you while I have my green tea and teeny tiny muffin this afternoon. Cheers.