Bionic Woman?

Do we rely on technology too much?
The other day I pulled up to my dads work one of his privates bent down to talk to me and he made the comment “Wow got enough electroics!!!” So I thought to myself "Man, you have no idea…"
The majority of the time I have 7 types of electronics that I rely on.

  1. My hearing aids
  2. My CGMs
  3. My pump
  4. My blood glucose monitor
  5. My radar detector (ask any cop within 100 mile radius it was a very good investment)
  6. My GPS
  7. My 2 cell phones
    So do I rely to much on technology? or am I ment to be a Binoic Woman?
    I’m not sure…

I always tell my students that I’m a robot.

resistance is futile–you will be assimilated :slight_smile:

Its inevitable…the day has already come!

No Not a robot… a Borg, the pump and bluetooth are my implants !

What no PDA (personal data assistant) or Laptop?

I can go about 48-72 hours without power and then everybody knows to stay away from me because I become unbearable to be around because I do not have my toys.

  1. Cell Phone
  2. PDA
  3. Pump
  4. Glucose Monitors and I have several that I rely on.
  5. MP3 players
  6. 1 laptop computer and 1 desktop working at all times
  7. DS Lite just in case a game is not on my PDA

I do not have the CGM, or GPS but am looking into getting them.

Hi Emily, Why 2 cell phones? I can barely remember to take the one I have with me? :wink:

I think technology can help a lot… I confess I am in love… and so grateful for my husband’s Dexcom… since we have that thing, I feel I can sleep better and that I have a partner on taking care of Manuel, while we sleep, I know it sounds crazy, but I feel supported and not as helpless.

Still, I guess everything is relative, for some people technology its easier to manage and accessible… we were brainstorming the order day, what will happen to us if we were lost in an island… apart for insulin… without the blood glucose monitor, how will we know, even if Manuel only ate protein all day… and we had some fruit handy to treat lows… control will be out of hands… I guess we could have some ants on a jar (if we have a jar, lol) and feed them a drop of blood to analyze reactions… It is scary, I know… but yes, I think there is definitely some technology that PWD really needs, other is of course is optional or nice to have.

The sad part is that as we write this there are diabetic household with 3 or more blood glucose monitors (like ours) ans still many PWD does not have the means to test.

I am the worst when it comes to electronics

  1. Ipod Touch
  2. Cell Phone
  3. Pump
  4. Camera
  5. Meter
  6. Laptop (incase Im at school and both computer labs are full.
  7. Meter Remote for my pump

Ipod (2 of 'em!)
Cell Phone
Laptop (with at least 1 USB hard drive in tow)

I live in Georgia so every time we have a bad freeze we end up loosing power. Depending on how bad the freeze is depends on how long we are without power. I have been without power for almost a week.

I carry at least 2 U.S.B. drives (just in case one goes bad on me)

If I travel I carry 1suitcase just my toys and their chargers.

I have said to my wife that if you’re a gadget geek, diabetes is the disease to have:


Could I wrap all of these into one item? Do Geeks dream of electric sheep?


Heard something about that. But it didn’t cook dinner, too, so I didn’t really look into it. :slight_smile:

It is a wonderful thing to have all these electronic tools to help me. And please don’t forget all the computers and the internet.

one laptop and one glucometre ,and cell phone are necessary things , rest i avoid

Yeah, but it’s not an iPhone :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think I could be paid to swap out my iPhone for anything other than another iPhone :slight_smile:

Heck I don’t work, and I carry

Blackberry (man I need this more than the pump),
and my laptop, (I need it more than the Blackberry)

Oh my goodness, if I don’t have this stuff, I go, ahhh mean, really mean

rick phillips

I carry my list everywhere. I would not know what to do without all of my gadgets. I want to know that I am well prepared at all times.