Birthday Boy

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So it’s my birthday today. My super-preggo wife told me what we were going to do for my b-day. I was hoping for the steak house downtown or maybe the italian place I really like (GREAT grilled tilapia). Maybe we would rent a movie and she would buy some chicken or thick cut aged steak from the butcher so we can have a really nice home cooked meal.

Not even close. We’re going to…

SuFu, almost-PhD

Happy F*****g Birthday!

Considering your remarks about the folks in your department–I really hope you are anonymous! About the restaurant, not fair. I do relate though–because I have Celiac Disease, I always carry alternate food in my purse.

Anyway, Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your soon-to-be PhD.

Chuck-E-Cheese’s??..Geez!! I’d demand steak…no excuses. (Although sometimes I have celebrated my Birthday on a whole different day, if something else more important was required on my day.

Anyways… ***Happy Times, Happy Birthday SuFu Today and All Year Through!!!***

(Btw…A standard slap on the back is Better than a substandard slap on the back or no acknowledgement at all). Congrats!

~*~Good Luck with your Sweet New Baby!! :slight_smile: Double Congrats!!

Sarah - Exactly

Trudy - went back and reedited the edit

Terrie - Agreed and Thanks!

I wished you Happy Birthday arlier but here I am again. I do not like steak so I go along with your wife. HAPPY DAY!! Reed

Round these parts, Chuck E Cheese serves beer and wine. Inexpensive Beer and Wine.

In the end, we are responsible for our own happiness. So just drink responsibly.

SG - I much prefer chicken over steak

BSC - I don’t drink, but that’s a good thought!

McDonalds LOL! Hey for my b-day on the 5th I got to go to Wendy’s and eat a chicken sandwitch LOL! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!