Another birthday down

Hopefully more to go! I'm 24 today though. I'm hoping to get some sort of birthday goodie at the bakery if I can find one with nutrition information . Not like I actually care what it is, I'm not too picky with baked goodies lol.

It still feels really cool to be born on the same day as Frederick Banting , and that dude would save my life so many years later even though he's not alive to see it. It's not just my birthday and World Diabetes Day, it's also Frederick Banting's. So many good things in one day.

happy birthday sensorium
it looks like you feel better
we'd love to see you in the chat room

That's cool that you share a birthday with Dr. Fred! I find cheesecakes and pudding-y types of desserts to be more manageable, oh and butter cookies! But enjoy whatever you want today...Thanks to Dr. Fred, we have insulin to offset it!

Thanks Shosh.

Angivan, I got cupcakes. I should be able to handle one. I've so far not had too much trouble with desserts, or any food at all. I like cheesecake, but I couldn't find one I liked today :( .

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful one.