Today is my birthday ! I’m healther now as a diabetic than I was before . I no longer take my health for granted. Going into my third year as LADA and I’ve learn to make the most of every moment. Thanks to everyone here for your help and a special thanks to a friend who is no longer with us, Sandy who encourage me so much!

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great one =) Congrats on being a healthier you! Best of luck for the years to come!

Happy birthday, Joe.

Good health always Joe :wink: I bet you are a spring chicken ???

Happy Happy Birthday…and wishing you many more!

Have a happy birthday and remember like a fine wine you improve with age!

Yes indeed!

Happy birthday Joe! Wishing you a healthy, joyful year!

Happy birthday Joe.

Happy Birthday Joe!

Happy Birthday Joe! How old?

It’s double nickle, 55 !

More like a Fall Turkey!

As I said …55 a spring chicken :wink:

Thanks everyone. I’m grateful to be a member of this family. Too bad we had to be diabetics to do it.
But everyone here has help to take the sting out of being a diabetic! I hope to meet some of you some time, Thats my birthday wish!

That would be great…that is going to be my birthday wish as well!

ok cough cough happy birthday to you, happy birlday to you, happy birthday dear joe, happy birthday to you. claps hands now eat up that scrumptious sugar free icecream.

Happy, happy birthday! Many healthy more.

:slight_smile: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE :slight_smile:

I hope that you had the Terrific Day that
you deserve. All the Best Wishes to you
for the full year and many, many more.

(And Yes, I yelled it.) :wink: