One year!

Oct 15 I will be diagnosed a diabetic one year! I was angery at the time but now I see it as the day I started to recover my health!! We’re going out to dinner to celebrate.

Great Attitude!.Where are you going for your dinner?

Thanks! We’re going to a steakhouse. I’ll have a sweet potato instead of the baked , The dinner rolls are great there but I/m going to skip them.

Congrats on your 1 year Anniversary! I am glad you have embraced it! Hope you had fun day and. Great dinner

Thanks for the flowers . No one has ever sent me flowers before!!

Yes,I had a great time. One thing I’ve learned through this never take our time for granted but grab the moment by the horns.

The best part of the day ;I manage to keep my BG level at 115 .That does’nt happen that often.

Diabetes is like those chinese finger cuffs , the more you try to pull away the tighter the grip it has on you.