Bleeding after insertion - accuracy of readings?

Does anyone have experience with bleeding after inserting a Dexcom sensor? This is the second time this has happened. The first time, I bled a lot - straight through all the tape and more, so i took it out immediately. This time it’s only a little bit of blood, but I’m unsure if that small amount will interfere with the accuracy of readings. I hate to waste a good sensor, but i don’t want to keep it in if it’s not going to work. I normally have really poor readings for the first day+, so I don’t want to lose that much time if this is a clear no.


Had the same issue only once, a bit of blood came out and got the tape red under the plastic cradle holding the transmitter, but this did not seem to affect the readings at all. I too have bad readings maybe in the first two days, irregardless of whether I get blood or not when I insert the sensor.

Ciao, Luca

Hey Rita, the only issue I see with the way you do things, apart from the obvious money factor, is whether the software on the PC is able to collect data from two different receivers and tie the data to the same patient.

I don’t have a problem in having a gap when I insert a new sensor, so I would not really see the need to have another sensor+trasmitter+receiver just to have complete coverage

Ciao, Luca

Not sure quite how it works but couldnt you insert a second sensor and just not activate it for two hours, then end the session on the in-use sensor and snap the transmitter on to the “new” acclimated sensor and activate it?

You would get rid of most of the “coverage” gap…