Bleeding after insertion?

I’m sure there have been discussions about this but I couldn’t find them. Please forgive the redundancy. I just did a new insertion and it started bleeding at the site. It seems to have stopped but turned some of the tape red before stopping. I am now in my calibration time. Should I wait this out and see how it goes? Or do you generally find that having a bleeder will cause bad readings? I don’t want to change the site and waste the money on a new insertion unless I have to, so am tempted to wait and see…thanks!

It happened to me a few times, no problem whatsoever. Bad luck, maybe just a tenth of an inch to the side and we would have seen no bleeding at all!

Ciao, Luca

I also have not had problems after a bleed. But worst case, see how it goes and if you find that the sensor is bad you can always call for a replacement. But hopefully you won’t have an issue either.

My latest sensor was placed a few days ago on a completely new site. It bled, a lot for a couple of hours. I didn’t even bother restarting the sensor for the first day because, from past experience, I knew it would give horrible readings while the insertion wound was fresh.

It has settled down very nicely since. I’d say the new site is a lot more stable and accurate than my other sites despite the bleeding early on.

I, too, have had “bleeds” on insertion and found they will work like they are expected. This is the reason I went with Dexcom instead of Medtronic. My endo had me try Medtronic and it bleed 5 out of 5 sensors causing the 5 to fail.

Just go like it is advertised.


I’ve had bleeding also, just started it up as usual and had no problem.

I ended up keeping it in. The readings are a bit erratic but then again, they generally are off to some extent the first 24 hours. It seems to be improving every hour. Thanks, all!