Dex Insertion bled, site sore, numbers off ---

My 4th insertion, 3 prior all good. This one hurt, and appeared to bleed. Began it Monday evening. Today, Tuesday, it has hurt, appears brused/sore all around the site, and I have been getting frequent ??? with the numbers way off. I tried frequent calibrations this morning thinking it just be me and a new sensor getting tuned in, have calibrated more times than normal, but the dex is just not doing well.

Has anyone else had a similar problem if the insertin site is a bleeder?

I plan on calling Dex Tech in the morning, but just think this one is a failure and I will probably have to turn it off tonight to get sleep as right now it's flatlining with a LOW reading, and I'm above 90 and rising right now.


Yeah, I had one fail similar to this when I messed up and got water into the insertion site. It had also bled on insertion, but the readings cleared up after a day. Once the site got wet, however, the area swelled and began to ache. The sensor started giving whacky readings and never recovered.

If the sensor is performing this poorly on the second day, then likely it won’t come around. You can turn it off for the night and give it another try in the morning (turn it back on and give it another hour or two to start performing correctly), but that would be the last chance I would give it. Dexcom has been pretty good (actually perfect) about replacing sensors for me in cases like this in the two years that I have been using them.

I called at 1:30 am on Christmas eve. They Will answer whenever