Infusion Set Pain?

I started a new set on Thursday morning (MM Silhouette) on my left thigh. Thursday night, I woke up in pain twice from rolling on to the set. I didn’t notice it most of the day, only when I was playing with the dog on the kitchen floor and rolled on to that side. Last night, I know I slept on that side but didn’t feel it. I’ve not had any weird highs, the spot is not red or swollen and I don’t feel it unless I press on it. Is this a freak thing? Could it be that I’m not very “full” as my pump trainer puts it and it nicked the muscle? Or is this a normal thigh site thing? I’ve only pumping for a month and I started alternating btw abdomen and thigh, but only the last four or five changes have been on my thighs.

Hi Jackie!

I mostly use thigh sites… and I try to avoid sleeping on the side where my infusion set is because i also get this pain. (Of course sometimes I do lay on it).

I just pushed on my site now and realized that mine hurts too. So I will definitely not sleep on that side tonight (one way that I try to prevent myself from sleeping on that side is to wear pajama pants with pockets and put the pump in the pocket. Then I tend to avoid it…)

One thing that may help is putting it in at a smaller angle (i.e. not going as deep). If you are hitting muscle, that hurts!

I forgot to add that I also use Silhoutte / Comfort infusion sets.

I don’t know about the Silhouettes, but I use the MM SoftSets that go in at 90 degree angle. I have had these pains too and my endo said that I likely hit a nerve. Hope it gets better for you.

I get red bumps from my infusion set in thighs. My trainer thinks I am hitting muscle with the insertion needle but the cannula isn’t setting in muscle. I know insert them by hand and don’t put them all the way in.

You’re going to get a painful site once in awhile. It’s bound to happen when you stick foreign objects into your skin. I could be you hit a nerve, you hit some muscle, you picked a funky site. Since it only happens when you press on it, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this.
Doctor: Then don’t do that.


That’s exactly what I was thinking… just don’t press on it. I’ve since moved to a new site and that old one still kinda hurts, even without a site in it. I guess its just a crappy spot. Oh well, I’ll avoid that area in the future.

I use my love-handles and my rear end. sometimes the love-handle ones will hurt like that. I think it’s because in some places there’s not enough fatty tissue so it may be hitting some muscle at some points when I bend over or push on it too hard (not on purpose, but just lying down or leaning back on it), but I’m not sure. If they’re in a place that I can’t see I’ll have my husband see if it’s red or anything. It never is so I just leave it in until I need to change sites.

It’s just like injections - sometimes they don’t hurt really at all and sometimes they hurt like the dickens. I tend to have more pain with the slanted infusion sets myself and I’ve always wondered if it has something to do with how your nerve cells are distributed under your skin. If nerves are straight up and down through your epidermal layer, then it should be easy to avoid them with a straight-in set, but if they’re angled or twisted or some other “not straight-in” configuration, then it probably varies. Darn - now I want to go find this out :wink:

This has happened to me also. What it might be is that you hit a nerve.