Site on the thigh

So I recently moved my site from my stomach area to my thigh. I have been trying to move my site more. I really like it but I am having trouble. It hasn’t been hurting but after a day or two I find that it has bleed and coming up in the cannula. What does this mean exactly? Am I doing something wrong or is it because of the pressure from my jeans?

Thank you!

From my experience, it’s the pressure. I love using my thighs, but I wear shorts a lot (I live in Florida). Maybe someone else has a different experience.

I only once in a while have that problem. It’s pretty rare, like once or twice a month.
Sometimes there is pressure during sleep or during the day something jarring the set, like jeans, but mostly its when i have put the set into a vien or at too deep an angle. Are you using an angled set I wonder?
I use the comfort short, which is an angled set, in my thighs almost exclusively,
and I also use mastisol as an adhesive; it works wonderfully to keep the set in place during sleep, daily activities and even during exercise ( I sweat alot!)
One other thing, I had a little bit of bood once that wasn’t all the way back in the tubing, only halfway and after a bolus it went away.
Also blood around the injection site has sometimes made me worry it was in the tubing, but it was just site related .