My new blog!

I thought I would share with everyone that I have taken the plunge and started a diabetes blog!

It's focus is actually living as someone with T1 diabetes and a visual impairment. It's called Blood Drops & Braille Dots.

Feel free to check it out and follow (or whatever the equivalent blog term is!). I have a few future posts started, but if you have any topics you would like me to blog about, I am open to any ideas or suggestions.

I enjoyed that Jen. You have a very nice tone or manner of communicating. There was enough new information or new perspective to keep me reading.

One of my watch words is 'more communication.' It adds so much to understanding, and helps getting practical things done. Nice to see it happening.

I've a site on diabetes too, at It's less personal and sort of all over the place. The only page about food is about popcorn, a big no for the low carb people, but I happen to like it and have worked out ways to limit the surge, but that's going to be another page on the site.

For topics to write about, I find that just browsing the forum gives them to me. I'll start a post and realize I could go into a lot of detail about the topic, and then sometimes I just do, on the site.

best wishes