Blood sugar and flu shot?

Do people typically get blood sugar spikes after getting the flu shot? My son just got his jab and I’m wondering if a precipitous rise is related to it, and if so, how long elevated blood sugars last.

Got my flu shot 4 hours ago.

BGs are pretty flat so far. Even with pasta for dinner.

Perhaps there was a stress response?

I heard that some people do though never experienced it myself.

I see elevated blood sugars (about 10% above my usual basal rate) for ~48 hours after getting the flu shot.

No spike after getting a flu shot the last 4 years.

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I suspect that this, like so many things, depends on the individual. I have never noticed any such reaction.

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I’ve never had one, but seems possible, since immune responses generally can cause higher blood sugars. I’m guessing for most of us, it’s not enough of an immune reaction to produce a noticeable difference though. Same reason some people feel a bit sickish after the shot (not because they have the flu—that’s not possible).

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I also have never noticed any blood sugar issues. But everyone is different and may react differently. Thanks goodness it’s only once a year and only a short time frame. Hang in there and yeah being Flu free (hopefully!)