Blood Sugar

BS really high after 2nd Moderna shot.


Checked two hours after a small sandwich at lunch. 200 would have been high normally.

I just had my 2nd shot on Tuesday. No implications for BG. But I did get really tired the next day I could barley stay awake. Some people are reporting highs, though. I never get strange BG from illness, but I know that some of you are sensitive to that.

Bump up the basal?

I think it’s interesting how much reactions vary. I had high blood sugars after my first (Pfizer) shot. I remember sitting outside after dinner the day after my shot and being surprised when my dexcom started alarming with a 254, double arrow up. Dinner was salmon and broccoli, so not high carb. I struggled with that for about a week.

I made sure I had a sick day plan for my second shot, extra insulin, etc. I got that second shot last week, and…nothing. My blood sugars were normal. Go figure.

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I got my second shot on wed, moderna. I barely noticed it.
Then 24 hours later I felt like crap. My skin hurt my arm hurt. My sugars went whacko.
I woke up in the middle of the night feeling better.
It’s weird how these things go.

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I’ve never had a BG issues after and vacation , never felt sore in the arm, guess I been lucky I only had slight pain for a day after Tetnus. But been a X-Navy Corpsman I’ve know a lot of people that have had issues with be jabbed.

After all three shots, my arm was incredibly sore, but no effect on my bg’s.

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All 3 Moderna vaccinations elevated my BG. The 1st was minimal without other effects. The 2nd made me feel awful 12 hours after and for 12 hours. I was quite insulin resistant for 5 days.
The booster was similar to the 2nd but not as severe.none gave me a sore arm.

I also had the 2nd Moderna, and I was fine. I only had a little pain in my arm. But I know that people with diabetes may note higher blood sugars for a few days after vaccination. This is due to the blood sugar rising in response to the mild, temporary inflammation that the vaccine triggers. So if they have concerns, contact your doctor.