Today I recived the New Pneumonia shot

In three hours my BG climbed from 141 to 317 and then dropped back to 125 during the next 3 hours…
I believe it was the PPSV23…

Hey @JohnG. Was the shot itself just like the flu shot? Are you sore at the site? It seems like a good idea to get it, but I’m kind of scared, too…

My arm is a little sore and the high BG made me feel bad most of the afternoon but the negative affects where gone after about 7-8 hours. My flue shot this year was painless with no side effects. I take immune suppressants so it’s very important for me to get vaccinated.

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I had the new pneumonia shot last week (along with a flu shot) and my blood sugar climbed to over 200 by the time I went to bed and it took a temporary bolus of 140% and three corrections totaling about 5 units to bring it down to 134 about 10 hours later. By noon the following day everything was back to normal.


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i have been unsuccessfully able to get the new flu shot, but i refuse to give up