Type 1s and Covid-19 Vaccine

Has anyone with Type 1 gotten the Covid-19 vaccine?

Never mind. I just found the posts under the Moderna vaccine discussion. I was wondering if people were having a lot of lows or highs after having the vaccine. I see that many people are.

I had Moderna and no issues with blood sugar.

Thanks Allison1. My brother is Type 1 and and he wants the vaccine. I have concerns about him having low or high bs, (because of the vaccine).

I got the Pfizer vaccine this week. I had minor side-effects: a few chills, minor soreness at injection site, mild headache the morning after, some insulin resistance that is normal for immune response. (Side effects from the Shingrix vaccine were worse, like having the flu for a day) When I get the second dose I plan to take the next day off from work.