A1C and vaccine

Does the vaccine for COVID19 have any effect on A1c? Thanks in advance. I got my shot last week, A1C Tuesday.Nancy50

Unlikely except it might raise your sugars for a few days. Doubt enough to alter a1c.
I’m getting mine on wed. It’s going to be Moderna.
My a1 c has been pretty stable for 6 months 5.8,6.1,6.1 and 6.0. I’ll get another one shortly after my vaccine.
And yes I get a1c done more than usual because I switched to a new pump 6 months ago.
I’m reall all about time in range these days.

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Thanks I have not had one done for 6 months. I expect mine to go up a bit,usually does in winter. But staying in mid6 I would be happy. I don’t have a CGM. Working on that. Thank you. Nancy50

It did not do anything to my blood sugar. I received the first Pfizer vaccine last week.

I got my first Moderna shot 1 1/2 weeks ago. Don’t plan on too much sleep for 12-20 hours after shot. I got my shot at lunchtime and my BG tanked in the evening until about 1AM without taking any afternoon/evening insulin. Then, like a switch was flipped my BG shot up about 150 points. Then it took another 12 hours and more fast acting insulin than I would normally use over a 4 day period to come back to normal. After fighting to get BG down for about 12 hours, it just dropped like a rock back to normal in about 45 minutes.

Also ran a little fever during that time which came and went in parallel with BG fluctuations. It is rare that I stray outside of 55-120 range, so this was pretty scary.

I also got 1st Moderna shot, about 1 week ago, but no symptoms at all afterwards or unexpected bg changes.

I am beginning to wonder if I should get an antigen test as my post shot symptoms appear to be more in line with having had Covid. I have had several PCR tests, all negative, in the past 10-12 weeks but maybe I did at some point get a mild case of Covid and did not know it, or maybe I got a previous Covid flavor from all my frequent travels to Asia.

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I took my first dose of Moderna 10 days ago and it had no discernible effect on my blood glucose levels.

Nancy, I don’t think the Covid vaccination will have any effect on A1c.

That could be; maybe you should check with your doctor before getting the second dose.

Nobody really seems to have good answers to anything these days so I plan to stay near a large reputable hospital for the 24 hours after my second shot, just in case as I live countryside, and going to my local hospital, chances of survival going there are very low.

Terry ,I understand. We have a small one near us. Connected to a large trauma center. Life flight comes almost everyday. Hope no issues for you. Nancy50

C, I just heard from a Tudiabetes friend with type 1 who had a horrible 40 hrs after her second Moderna vaccine. Like you she has a low BMI. I wonder if that could explain your difficult time.

We get ours in the morning. My BMI is pretty normal for my height, so I hope I will be ok. Her glucose levels went up to the 300’s, but I think that might be better than too low.

I am getting nervous, but not quite as nervous as I was before getting my first shot.

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Age seems to be the biggest predictor of vaccine side effects. As far as I know it has no link to BMI—anecdotally, a number of the people I personally know who have had more severe reactions to it have BMIs in the overweight or obese range. All are in their 40s or younger though, whereas most of the people I know 60+ had much milder symptoms. The older you are, the less robust your immune system, the milder the side effects. Many (though not all) young people are having a rough couple of days after the second shot, sometimes including fever, chills, other flu-like symptoms, etc. Also people with prior COVID infections seem to have that level response to their first shot, not second.

I wish - I am in my 70’s and 11-30 hours after first shot of Moderna I was in bad enough shape that I am staying within 2 miles of a major hospital for 48 hours after my second shot in about 2 1/2 weeks.

Hmmm, my friend who had a horrible time is in her 60’s. I would love to believe that the older you are the fewer the problems, since I am 70. I guess I will soon know.

I don’t think it’s an absolute thing, but it does appear to be a pretty strong correlation, per the doctors I know.

That’s too bad! Any chance you could have gotten COVID already prior to the shot (in which case the first shot basically functions as the second)? Also, if it was that bad, was there any consideration of checking your titers re whether the second shot is actually necessary for you?

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I have had several pcr tests, all negative in the past 4 months but with my hectic travel schedule to my offices in China, including Wuhan area, and India I am wondering if at some point I could have contracted a mild case of Covid or an earlier Covid variant. To err on the side of caution, I will get the second dose on the 26th of March which is on a Friday so can afford to take the weekend off from work and spend the weekend within a couple of miles of a major hospital just in case of complications. Not looking forward to it but will get through it one way or another.

I really appreciate everyone discussing their experiences with the covid-19 vaccine. It really makes me mad that our healthcare system isn’t doing a study on how the covid-19 vaccines affect people with diabetes. I called the CDC last week and asked them to do a study. No one has contacted me with a response to my request. It would be helpful if other people also contacted the CDC. If the CDC received a lot of requests, they might take this seriously. Keep in mind that people are predicting our healthcare system might push people to get an annual covid-19 vaccine. And then of course, there may be more vaccines for variants. We need to push our healthcare system to step up.

I agree. Age seems to be more of a factor than anything else for side effects. That being said I am 67 and in very good shape, spent the last year eating well and exercising and otherwise trying to do whatever I could to boost my immune system. I did have some pretty significant side effects after my second Pfizer for 36 hours but nothing I couldn’t handle. I will say my BS shot up to the point I kept changing my pump site thinking I had chosen a bad site. After changing my site 3 times decided it was the vaccine. I raised my basal and correction bonus and then gradually took it back down to normal. Truthfully took about 2 weeks to get back to normal. That being said I think I probably ate more in celebration of getting the vaccine! But clearly there was a real difference the first 4-5 days. I don’t have a “sick day plan” and never need one but it may be a similar process at work. Body working hard and getting BS out of whack. I was in the vaccine trial, received the placebo and then received the real thing at the research center. They are still following me and I told them about the increase in BS.

Please, do not contact the CDC. They are crazy busy working on making sure as many people as possible as fast as possible are getting vaccine into their arms while also dealing with the new variants. The last thing we need are for the researchers to be distracted from their implementation goal to save lives and get this pandemic under control with individuals carping at them to do studies right now. It is good to see that their triage of calls actually works and they ignore calls from people trying to distract them from their emergency pressing goals.

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My A1C was 6.5 steady over many years, run 6.2 in summer. I am a high fall risk so they do not want me any lower. Nancy50