Bloodwork - Things I Wish I'd Known Dept

Something I wished I’d known when I was first diagnosed, but didn’t figure out until I got a decent endo:

Don’t wait to have your blood drawn at your doctor’s appointment. Have it done a week or two BEFORE the appointment so the doctor has the results while you’re there. This way the doctor doesn’t have to track you by phone to discuss the results or wait until your next appointment to discuss data that may be three months old. (or older.)

Your doctor can usually tell you at the end of your visit what blood result he or she will want to see next. Make the appointment to have your blood drawn at the same time you make your next appointment for the doctor.

In my doctor’s office I can drop in in the morning or at lunch to have my blood drawn. It only takes a few minutes.

Wow - that would suck. My endo is in a diabetes care center - I have my blood drawn first thing upon my appt. and 20 minutes later we are discussing my results b/c they do all of the testing there. Didn’t realize I was so lucky.

Absolutely. My clinic just recently switched to having us arrive 1/2 hour early so that pertinent results could be discussed with the doc in person. The first time it happened, I was very anxious. I knew my numbers had been high, but seeing the AlC value in a letter would be a lot easier than discussing it in person. I even contemplated throwing the lab slip in the trashcan, but, I didn’t.