Has this ever happend to anyone else?

So 2 or 3 weeks ago ( i dont remember ) i went the endocrine doctor for my diabetes, They took 5 things of blood from my arm. Well a week later i got something in the mail that told me when my next appoinment was but it didnt tell me what my A1C was. At first i just figured that they forgot to mail it to me or that they had not found out yet. Well i was wrong… Yesterday my dad had called telling my mom that i would have to go back to the doctors and get MORE blood taken. Turns out the person who is supposed to pick it up never showed up that day so everyone who was there the same day has to come back and get MORE blood drawn. What a great way to spend Friday Morning :confused:

CraZY, CRAZY, CRAZY! And we are paying these people!
I am leaving for camp the day after tomorrow and I remember how much fun you told me you had. I hope I will have as much fun! I cant wait but I am totally nervous :slight_smile: Better get to packing…

I go to the lab to get my blood drawn so luckily I have never run in to this. So sorry you have to get poked twice and waste all the time :frowning:

One time I sprained my ankle (bowling of all things…) in a wierd spot and the doc said 'if it’s broken in the wrong spot and you get bone death, you could be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life…" so they made a big production out of a CT, blah blah blah, had appointment to get the results and got there and they were like “the office manager is driving to the lab to get the films and will be here soon” and I was like “!!!”. Of course, they were negative,which they could have told me over the phone and saved the time but no dice. Complete waste of time.

They sent everyone who came in that day a $20 gift card for anywhere… I told my mom she should give it to me since it was MY blood they had to take twice not HERS but she didnt give it to me. :frowning:

You will have an AWESOME time… You will have to tell me how u liked it

Just one more story, Emmy – when I had my son, they did an episiotomy and injected what was supposed to be an anesthetic. Well, it didn’t work, and I felt EVERY stitch as they sewed me up. But that wasn’t as bad as a forceps delivery with no anesthetic at all!

OK, I am now thankful my Endo does instant A1C in his office.

No she said she was using it for gas

I would have been very PO’d. I once had a nurse who couldn’t seem to find a vein and liked to poke around a lot. You should have seen the suprised look on her face at my next visit when I told her that she had better get it right the first time because she was only going to get one chance.

I went one time to the blood suckers and the lady only took out one vial. I told the person that I did not think it was enough since they always take 3. Sure enough I get a call a week later saying that the person did not draw enough blood and I had to come back. I hate when we know what we usually give and the person argues with us and will not listen.

that happend to me… I had gone to get blood taken and they first stuck the needle in my right arm but they couldnt find a vein so they dug the needle around in my arm. hen they decided to take out the nedle and stick it in my left arm… Again the same thing happend. Finally they found a vein and got the blood but by then i wanted to scream