Blowing Off Steam!

My endo has charged me $600 for my initial OmniPod training!!! Apparently BCBS doesn’t cover the extra expense of the extended training. No one told me this when I inquired about all costs associated with starting and using the pump. My problem is that I was the first person to use the pod in this endo’s office and the OmniPod rep trained not only me BUT the office pump trainer. Why should I pay for her education as well. Ok, charge me some minimal fee for supplying the numbers…$600 is just nuts!!! Has anyone else had this experience?

Insulet does not charge for the training as far as I know (there was no training charge when I started, that much I know for sure), so it sounds like your endo’s office has either screwed up or is trying to screw you over. I would call the office manager and politely explain that “there must be some mistake.” Make sure you speak to the office manager, unless the billing department is willing to correct it right away. And get the doc involved if your relationship with him/her is good.

I was trained by insulet directly and was not charged a dime… I would maybe contact insulet and explain your situation, and maybe they can contact your dr’s office and work something out…

I paid my usual copay to see my educator, who did the training. That’s ridiculous. I would fight it. If you were never informed of that charge up front, that’s completely unfair.

Oh, I paid my usual co-pay…but I believe that this is ridiculous especially since I wasn’t informed of this ahead of time. I did ask about all costs associated with the start up and continued use of the OmniPod.


BCBS of SouthEastern PA did cover all of my training costs including 3 or 4 appointments with the nurse educator at the hospital that started me as well as the training appointment with the Omnipod trainer. I don’t think I even had a copay for those appointments (although they did tell me to expect a bill but it’s been 6 months now…). Definitely call and get to the bottom of this. That cost can’t be right.

Janice, I am almost certain this charge is NOT coming from Insulet, but rather your endo’s office or their trainer.

I’m not sure if this is true, but I got the distinct impression that the person who trained me from my endo’s office was compensated by Insulet for doing so.

I’ve emailed the OmniPod rep who was at my training session and am awaiting her response. I surely hope that they did NOT get compensated by Insulet…then they’d be trying to double dip. That would make me furious. Believe me, I’m all over this. As things are, they’re getting paid $300/hr!!! Plus they took a coffee break…apparently on me as well.

Caleb’s training was done by an Insulet rep who insisted on doing it in the doctor’s office (she wanted to be sure she had access to a crash cart - how comforting).
This seemed to come as a surprise to the endo as most were done at home. They had few, very few, OmniPod users at the time, so home training was the practice of other pump companies.
The training was done in a conference room of the endo office with no assistance from any staff at the doctor’s office other than showing us where the room was. I can not say for certain, but I have no recollection of our insurance being charged for this visit at all, and I think that is something that would stand out.
If the charge is coming from the doctor, it would seem like something that should be subject to negotiation. If the room was also used to train their personnel, the cost, I agree, is excessive (to put it nicely). Maybe they made a mistake???

Janice, please let me know how this works out for you. I do not have insurance and my trainer talked with my doctor to set up my settings. We did the actual training at my house. I agree that your doctors office may be charging you for using their space and one of their staff involved, but I would speak to the office or billing manager and definitely your doctor! Keep me informed!

Believe me, I’ll let my friends here know exactly how this works out.

Janice…I think you have some investigating to do! I had a trainer from insulet train me at my Dr’s office…It cost me NOTHING! What happened to you is totally unacceptable!! Perhaps insulet has a “deal” with trainers, , .but I would definitely call them and explain what happened to you and what can be done. I would also ask BSBC what the charge was all about and if it came from them! I would also ask the Endo why you were charged for the training…
Mty opinions, but I would not sit back and take this quietly until it all is explained to your satisfaction and you are satisfied…
I have to say, “I am a fighter”.
I got my pod set up right after the New PDM came out. It came with the OLD PDM, It wasn’t easy, but I made a few phone calls, to insulet, and my distributor, and I ultimately got the NEW PDM without charging me the $150 they wanted to charge me for the new one… SO , don’t give up.

I forgot to add, when Lisa(my trainer) was here at the house to train me, she mentioned that she trains for 3 different companies and the companies pay her(no insurance so I wanted no surprises!). She also said I could call her anytime with questions or just to talk and she would guide me as to what to do or where to go for answers. I think this additional charge is coming from the DR office…not insulet.

Oh…I’m not sitting still for this. I have already told them that I find this to be totally unacceptable! That’s not the only word that I had for this ridiculous charge. Timid has never been part of my description.

Oh…I believe that’s where it’s coming from as well. What gripes me is that the trainer had never trained a pod user and was learning about it along with me.

My CDE was my trainer and he was reimbursed for his services from Insulet. The trainer for my state and area did not call me for three weeks after my Omnipod shipment had arrived at my home. So I contacted my CDE and he consented to be my trainer. IMHO you should not have to pay this fee.

Hey Guys!! I received a call from my OmniPod representative. He told me that they would RESOLVE this issue; and that I owe nothing!!

YAHOO!!! Is there anything else to say? That put a smile on my face. Great.

Yay, you!!! I’m smiling, too!