OmniPodders in MI

I am currently considering doing the OmniPod upgrade for my cozmo. Just wondering if there are any “oPodders” in MI and how much help they have had from the company. My Dr. isn’t familar with the OmniPod…does the company offer the training? What all comes in the kit? Anyone can answer…just wondering if any in MI. I have been reading on the site about the cost of using the OmniPod. Will anyone give me a ball park figure for one months use…cost of pods, batteries for the PDM, insulin and anything else to keep you going for the month.

I’m not in MI, however do you have a CDE that you see? That is who did my training, it wasn’t my actual endo. If your dr. isn’t familiar with the OP, then ask to see a CDE they possibly would know more.

Hi…I’m not in MI either; but, you can call customer service 800.591.3455 24/7…ask for a rep in your area. I live in IL and was the second OmniPodder in my endo’s office. My training involved BOTH the area rep and the CDE in the office. As for what the start-up kit contained…Large zippered case which held the PDM…batteries…two carrying cases (one cell phone-like and the other large enough to hold the PDM, test strips and lancing device)…OmniPod User Guide…Quick Start Guide…Interactive Training CD…2 back-up Pods…and a Freestyle Meter and Teststrips. Then, depending upon your docotr’s prescription, three months worth of additional pods. They come 10 pods/box.

I just switched from Cozmo to Omnipod about three weeks ago. My CDE did my training, but Insulet should have a local rep they can send out. The started kit includes a PDM, a zipper case, a belt holster, and two pods (which include fill syringes). You will, of course, provide your own insulin and alcohol preps, etc. If you are taking advantage of the Cozmo offer, you will not have to trade in your Cozmo and you will receive their first gen PDM (not the new color one) and an additional 10 pods, plus a Freestyle Flash. But until September, you can upgrade to the new one for $150 (I just got my new PDM yesterday).

Thanks for your responses. My biggest concern is cost of using the OmniPod for one month. I don’t have insurance, but I do have a health reimbursement account through work. The amount deposited in to the account is based on my number of years there. It’s not a whole lot at this point.

No, I do not have a CDE.

My out of pocket for 3 mos–30 pods is around $167 that’s 20% of the total cost.

Thanks Janice…not sure how to calculate for paying full amount out of pocket. That’s how an HRA works. You pay up front, then turn in the receipts and 2 weeks (or more) later you receive a reimbursement check. Any one else dealing with this tpye of situation?

One box of 10 is approx $365, I believe That doesn’t figure, does it. Duarable med. supplies is a different part of my insurance coverage…must be figured differently.

Thanks again Janice! So with insulin and batteries I am looking at maybe 500.00 a month? Maybe with ordering 3 mos worth you are getting a discount from OmniPod?

$167 @ 20% is $835 @ 100%. I pay $82 for a three month supply (10% of the total costs). So I would imagine it’s more in the $900-1000 range out of pocket. :frowning:

I got the $365/mo figure from a couple of web sites that sell the OmniPods…so it is a little over $1000 for 3 mos. w/o insurance

I am still thinking it would run about $500 a month for everything. That is about what I get in my HRA each month. Everything else (doctors bills, dentist, contacts, other meds) would really be out of pocket! I guess I need to talk to a rep and get some training to figure out the money end of the pod and if I can afford it! Thanks for the information Melissa and Janice!

I did it! I spoke with a rep from Insulet and as I type my OmniPod is on its way here. Just need to set up an appointment to train and actually start pumping insulin. I took the upgrade for my Cozmo and will be able to upgrade to the newer model in 2 mos., if I choose to do so. What is the best place to start on the pod? I work in a library and am up and down looking for books. Most of my job has me sitting at a desk. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

When I got my Navigator I discovered that the company had two different prices, one for with insurance and one for self pay. I think you need to ask Insulet what they charge if you have no insurance because they may discount. I have found them to be very helpful every step of the way. Good luck

Great news!!! I started out with the OmniPod on my abdomen…but find that my favorite place is on my back…it’s definitely out of the way there. I face it one way then the other and, of course, alternate sides. Ask your rep for the site maps for adults and children.

The box arrived this morning as I was leaving for work! Can’t wait to open and see what’s in there. Not at home yet. Too much noise, the landlady/housemate is having a new roof put on the house and today is the first day the roofers are here. Later tonight I will be going through the box! Next is setting up a training session…