BluCon For the Freestyle Libre -- Does It Work With The 14 Day Yet?

Miao-Miao (or however you spell it) is very upfront about the fact that their Free-Style Libre Bluetooth add-on device doesn’t yet support the US Libre 14 Day Sensors (it claims that support for the 14 day sensor is “coming soon”)…

I was wondering if anyone here knows whether the BlueCon Nightrider supports the 14 day sensors yet. Their website doesn’t say anything about it.

Even though I have a Dexcom G6 and it’s performing beautifully, I wanted to try the Freestyle Libre with an add-on Bluetooth transmitter as an additional option due to the instability of ObamaCare (in Indiana, there are only two ObamaCare providers… if they pull out, my Dexcom G6 replacement sensors and transmitters will become unaffordable).

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The clinic I go to said the Libre with alarms is coming soon to the US. I had to go from the Health Exchange to Medicaid for a short time and they will not even let me have a Dex. So I am waiting for the new Libre and happy for now with what I have because it’s better than nothing. I would keep an ear out for this release!

The BlueCon Nightrider does NOT support the U.S. Freestyle Libre 14 Day sensors. BUYER BEWARE!!!

I can confirm it doesn’t work with the 14 day…I went to eversense instead of waiting

I am using Nightrider BluCon with Freestyle Libre Sensors and very happy with its performance. The device works amazingly well with the sensor and transfers the readings to the LinkBluCon app on my phone and also allows me to share the recording with my family doctor using the FollowBluCon app.