Are These Libre Add-On Bluetooth Units Now Worthless In The USA?

Even though I have a Dexcom G6, covered by insurance etc, I was tempted to buy a Libre and one of the two Bluetooth add-on devices which allow the LIbre to send hypoglycemic alerts to my Android smartphone. However, neither of the two devices (the Miao Miao or BlueCon) support the 14 Day sensors and neither of them seems to be close to supporting them.

As I understand it, Abbott is no longer distributing or selling their Libre 10 Day sensors (which ARE supported by Miao Miao and BlueCon) and pharmacies etc no longer have any 10 Day sensors left and cannot get new stock of them.

Is this true? Does this therefore make the add-on devices totally worthless in North America? Does anyone have any inside info as to when the two companies might get close to releasing updates for their products to make them compatible with the North American 14 Day sensors?

Why buy a cheap knockoff when you already have the real thing. The Libre doesn’t do anything special and has fewer functions than the Dex. I don’t understand your rationale on this.

Oh… I have no intention of using the Libre, I just wanted to buy one to try it out… The point of my post was the fact that the Miao Miao things are worthless now since I don’t think that they have any idea of how to interpret the data coming from the Libre 14 Day Sensors.

Yes all of the add-ons are currently worthless in the U.S but not North America as a whole. Canada doesn’t have any issue with using the add-ons.