Help! 14 day Libre

I’ve been using the Freestyle Libre for several months now with the help of Spike. My A1C is currently 5.7. I am from the US and my pharmacy has just let me know that I will have to purchase the 14 day Libre from here on out.
My Nightrider transmitter will not work with the 14 day Libre. I’m a bundle of nerves because I feel I need CGM.
I’ve heard of Glimp, but don’t know how to find a mobile device with NFC. Can someone help me?
Thank you in advance,
Mary Anne

Here is the abbott android app for the 14 day sensor

available for apple also

glimp does not work with 14 day

the apps will read the same as your reader

Nightrider is prob useless

You really do not need a phone just are stuck using the reader.

Abbott has the T2 in Europe which will be here hopefully -

Most but not all phones have NFC - I can find the info if you want - just google WHAT PHONES HAVE NFC

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I received an email from abbot that says that their app will now read via NFC, and you just have to download the app apple or android. Most people think the miao miao and blucon should work soon, as the android app was what they were waiting for… I personally did not feel like waiting and chose the Eversense $99 bridge program instead of paying $2500 for a Dexcom (my deductible is $2500). So far, its worked great, and I have paid $99 after 45 days. I have posted more details if you are interested, as long as you have commercial insurance the bridge program is brilliant.

One more thing, if you wanted to wait until the NightRider works, you can test on your arm, then finger to see which direction your glucose is headed…you’ll use 2 test strips, but it might be worth it… unless you are fasting, the arm is usually about 10 or 20 minutes behind the finger…

I doubt that will help the current owners

I still love the eversense, And hope medicare approves it soon so your wife can try it… I am still hopeful the blucon and miao miao will work soon since the android app has been released, but it’ll probably be a glimp or xdrip fix. I also apologize if I offended you.

Have have you offended me - We don’t have blucon or miao miao. In thinking about it I do not see how decoding the abbott app could help current users, also the IOS app has been out for quite some time. I found glimp to be useless with the ten day, although the developers are quite responsive to email. Have a good one!

ios’s security is rather unbreakable, where android is open source, which is why many programmers were waiting for the android app. The miao miao website says they will work with the us 14 day sensors soon, however, like you said, that does not help anyone now.

Is this for the libre 1 or libre 2?

2 is not available in the USA - besides none of the above would apply


Hi @Tony24 im learning how the forum works…

Here in australia its only the libre1 14 day sensor .

So far no issues with reading the sensors here. This will change with the v2…

From what ive read on the 2 its different .

Thanks for the welcome.

The miao miao posted info about version 2 on June 4th, and said In a few weeks it will be released and an updated tomato app will support the libre 2 and the us 14 day…but its already been a few weeks…at least you don’t have to buy another new version…

The reader is consistently 30-40 points lower than a capillary stick. It’s not due to the slower timing of interstitial fluid. I have flow sheets on which I did capillary sticks every hour 10 hours a day each day for 3 days and checked against the reader. I did it to show my Endocrinologist.
While I still have the 10 day sensors I will continue to use Spike. I check Spike’s accuracy by seeing that the Libre reader is 30 points less than Spike.