Blue Cross/ Blue Shield PPO & Animas Ping in Nevada

We have Blue Cross/ Blue Shield PPO of CA is an excellent insurance good all over the world...I have been on the One touch Ping since 2012...We moved to Nevada in May and Animas wont pay for my supplies! They said they don't contract in Nevada

WHAT! You have got to be kidding me! Blue cross gave me the number of Mini Med! But wont pay for a new meter my Ping isn't out of warranty! IT isn't out of warranty!!!!!!!...Did you hear that Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of CA! You are refusing supplies and a Meter because of where I live!

Animas gave me a number of two Nevada companies and neither take my insurance!

Can anyone help!???

Nearly 800.00 out of pocket and counting...And we are retired!!!!

I am wearing infusion sets and using cartridges for two weeks to save money...this is nuts and I am in tears over it! We worked all our lives for good insurance and Animas does this?????


Call BC/BS - ask for all the names of all the DME companies they contract with. Call every company and ask if they sell Animas supplies. I would also call and ask to speak to a supervisor at Animas. Something isn't adding up here - I know people who live in NV who use Animas pumps, so it isn't that they 'don't contract' in NV....something tells me that Animas thinks your insurance changed to a policy that doesn't contract with them. If you still have the same policy then nothing should change with your coverage.

Are you sure your plan is still BC/BS of CA ? Or when you moved, is your contract now with BC/BS of Nevada ? Is your plan through an employer retirement plan ? If so, maybe your employer can help.

Plan hasnt changed all other Drs and companies still bill Anthem BC/BS administered by Pers California
I am now thousands out of pocket

AND BC has referred me to minimed! Even though I just received my Vibe upgrade from The Ping! (Which isn't yet out of warranty)

I have done all of the above and ended in tears each time,
this appears to be some problrm between BC and Animas

I was just desperately hoping someone here would be or Know a "higher up" personal contact in either company. I am retired and disabled. This out of pocket money is my life savings. PS I am the same Diane who made the original email is on my old phone and this is my laptop email...

There are others who are having problems with Animas too. I do not know what their issues are. Ask Blue Cross if they deal with Edgepark or Diabetes Supply Company (aka Byrum Health.) Those are 2 companies I've used. DSC was great - based in Utah.

You can try the guy I go through at DSC/Byrum - Brian Meek. You can call Brian at 800-775-4372. They will check with your insurance. They sell Animas supplies. I am going with them next time as Animas screwed up my order last time. I got my Dexcom through DSC and they were great. They got the approvals and even sent me a follow up letter.

BCBS everywhere seems to be messed up. We had them and switched because of how awful they were. They did not cover my durable medical supplies at 100%. They had a co-pay. My husband needed an INR meter and they would say they covered it - and then the company we were getting it from kept getting denied for it.