Blue November, Type 1 Diabetes Month

November is the official month for diabetes. Blue is our color, and JDRF is our organization. Let’s make type 1 become type none!
Type 1 for 72 years, but looking forward to new horizons, new technology, and a brighter future for all people with diabetes.



Richard, not nearly as long as you but I have been waiting for 47 years. I am hoping and praying for that cure one day for everyone with diabetes. Whether it’s type 1 or type 2. We all deserve that cure! I will be wearing blue and I have my blue pin for the 14th of the month. We need to let people know that while we can live a happy and healthy life, there is no cure and every day is a struggle. Let’s make everyone aware of diabetes during Diabetes Awareness Month!

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My non T1 daughter is on student council at her elementary. She went in to the office last week and requested they celebrate World Diabetes Day at school by hanging posters to spread awareness and asking everyone to wear blue on November 14th. She came up with the idea on her own.