World Diabetes Day

A little late posting, but I did recongnize that November 14th was World Diabetes Day. I wore blue from head to toe. I’m a physical education teacher so alot of my students asked me “What’s with all the Blue”. It was then my turn to tell them that I was wearing blue to honor by daughter, Olivia, who has Type 1 Diabetes and many others who live with this disease (whether it be type 1 or type 2). I then got the question, what is Type 1 Diabetes. It was then my turn to educate!

I then sent an email that stated the follow (to my fellow teachers)…

Today is “world diabetes day”! My daughter, Olivia (who is 3), was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on June 12th, 2007. I’m trying to spread the word about diabetes and all of its types because there is a big difference between Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. If you have any free time today (or this weekend), check out the following website…

Also – I will be placing a postcard about an online community support group (tudiabetes) for people touched by diabetes (whether it is yourself, your child, your relative, or a friend). It is a great place to keep current with medical technology and also to ask questions about diabetes. If you know someone with diabetes, please pass it on. Thank you!

Also if you check out ….

You will be able to look up Olivia’s quilt for the “Quilt for Life” display. This is a traveling quilt that helps raise awareness for children living with Type 1 diabetes and it was on display at Washington D.C. this past August. Her quilt number is Quilt #633.

WEAR BLUE this weekend!!

I then bought two blue flood lights and shined them on my house. I would post of picture of my house in blue, but my dogs decided that they were going to “steal” my lights and bury them in the wood somewhere (little jerks) and I still haven’t found them. It is now snowing and I probably won’t find them until everything melts. Oh, well - I tried!

I didn’t hear about this day on the news or our local newspaper. It was because of tudiabetes that I found out about this day. I’m hoping next year to spread the word sooner, but it still is Diabetes month…so maybe I can get the local paper to write up a story about Diabetes to raise awareness.

Your best comment was little jerks. :slight_smile:

You are the best mom.

I was disappointed as well not to see anything in the news.