Feeling Blue ?!

November is Diabetes Awareness Month.

November 1st – is Type 1 Diabetes Day

November 14th – is World Diabetes Day


I’m sure there are MANY people in the community that would not even have a clue that there even IS a month for Diabetes Awareness..

Well – THERE IS … and the color associated with it is BLUE

Just like other causes – Diabetes deserves its time in the spotlight and it is our opportunity to get our message out there to educate the world..

YOU – YES YOU – can also help do your part to help spread awareness..

There are a number of D campaigns during November – one of them that is super easy for everyone to do is join the JDRF Thunderclap movement to help make some noise on social media.. To help the world hear our voice.

Click below to show your support and automatically change your profile pic on November 1st in support of JDRF and turning Type 1 into Type None.


click image to JOIN!

I will also be sporting BLUE as much as possible during the month – blue clothes, blue nail polish and the girls in our household will even be putting BLUE streaks in our HAIR to bring awareness to the cause.

NO – blue hair or clothes won’t bring us a CURE – but it will hopefully make people stop and notice.

Once people stop and notice -

it will give us the opportunity to EDUCATE…

Education brings Understanding

Understanding brings Empathy

Empathy brings Donations

Donations bring us closer to a CURE

I am certainly going to be LOUD AND PROUD during the month of November…

Shouting a little louder from the rooftops to help people take notice..

Come on everyone – join in – spread the word – who’s feeling BLUE ???


We would love for you to join in OUR efforts as well. As active as Eden is, she can do the Big Blue Test and help out so many people with diabetes. Please check it out. http://bigbluetest.org/

And thank you for your beautiful blogs.