Boating, swimming, and hiking with CGM and Controller

I am planning for a week at a lake. I grew up swimming and boating on a lake and used to love the beach and pool swimming. I haven’t been swimming in 8 years. I had pumps that weren’t reliably waterproof and now have the Omnipod 5 which is controlled by my phone.

What do you bring with you for a day’s outing on a large lake? Is sailing a small boat risky? I ordered a waterproof phone poach but do I need backup testers, chargers, and insulin with me?

I feel stressed out about any vacation. My Omnipod Dash controller was ruined in a downpour in New Orleans. Insulin was taken in China (I managed to get it back but almost missed my flight). My phone/CGM ran out of battery and the car charger didn’t work on one car trip. I got a large expensive portable charger from a drug store that I carry with me with all the appropriate cords. At least with Omnpod 5/phone, there us only one cord for charging needed…but my backup testers need a different kind.

I would love advice on what I really need to have with me when I go out on the water, read for hours on a hot beach, ride for hours on a bike, and go on long mountain hikes and how to easily carry what I need.

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@Jane23, There is a group at Facebook of diabetics and athletes. They have had some great ideas for marathons and triathlons.

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I go snorkeling all the time, for hours at a time now. I wear an Omnipod, a Dexcom and a Libre.

Originally I had found if I started out higher, say 150, I could safely swim for about an hour. I also would reduce my basal starting a half hour before for the full time I swam. But sometimes I would come out at 80 and sometimes at 120.

What was irritating was I could never get a reading from my Dexcom out in the water. It just takes too long to download all it’s info when I even held my arm out of the water. And forget underwater. I heard rumors some people were successful using a Libre. I decided to try a Libre and it changed everything.

I carry the reader for the Libre in a Stash underwater pouch and I scan it and it reads underwater while I am even actually swimming. I also carry my phone to take pictures in a Stash underwater pouch. The Stash pouches are great and have never leaked. I can now stay out as long as I feel like. I just scan off and on to see what my BG level is doing and if I start to drop I have GU gels to use so I can stay out. Being able to see what my BG levels are doing really was one of the best things.

I just shove everything into my one piece bathing suit to carry with me. If you aren’t going to actually be in the water that long. The phone with the Dexcom or Libre ap in a Stash pouch should be fine. But I would carry something similar to the GU gels for a quick and easy fix.


Thanks for the practical advice. I will get a Stash and gels.