Body Placement of the dexcom?

Can any of you please help me an tell me where on your body that you had success?

I have actually had a lot of success putting it on my upper thigh. Since I put the receiver in my pocket, I never have signal issues!

Thanks for the reply. Considering that area typically has more muscle, have you noticed a difference in reading between that area and say the abdomen?

I have actually found it to be more accurate. For some reason, I had terrible problems with the numbers being off in my abdomen. Not sure why. My upper thigh has definitely been the best for me so far. I try to pick the "meatiest" area of my thigh to ensure there's enough fat there.

i have had some success in my abdomen, very little success in my lower back, and not been able to wear it on the back of my arm because of muscle. I am afraid to try my legs because of the issue I had with the back of my arm. Overall I feel like I get a 50% success rate wiith this thing and overall I'm not that impressed. That being said, I still rely on it during the day over the 10+ finger sticks.

Thanks for your reply

I insert Dex on my right below my waist line; seems to work for me. I believe in trial and error…just play around and you’ll finally see what works best for you. It also depends on how active you are and how you utilize your body during the work day.

I use my upper arm/shoulder…it is more comfortable and accurate there for me…and it doesn’t interfere with my infusion set there.

I can usually get 14 to 21 days there if I use IV prep and follow with paper tape if it starts coming loose.

I have had no problems with accuracy after the first few days. It seems like even after you clear the statistics after 7 days (restart sensor) it is more accurate than the first few days of the first cycle. Usually start losing accuracy about 17 days in and give it up shortly after that.

My son wears it on what would be his love handles if he had any. So on the lower back but almost on the side. He won't wear it anywhere else so I don't know how it compares to anywhere else.

my love handles have always worked the best for me. I usually put my pump sites in my legs. ;-)

I use to wear on my love handles and front abdomen, but i just started putting more in the lower back muscle area, and i think because this is more muscle area, it stays firmer and now have been getting min 17days and sometimes 21 days...would like to see if this is the reason

I agree with all the other responses- I've heard success stories for each. Another idea for the 'abdomen' area is below and sideways of the belly button. I never thought of this until someone shared it with me- but below the belly button and a bit above the pelvis bone (obviously not too low) is one of my new favorite spots. Good luck!

Just got over 20 days on the back of my calf.

Since I switched from inserting sensor on upper or lower stomach to insertion in my thigh, I get much more accurate results. I had been ready to toss it out the window.


Hi, I just got my Dexcom. When you all mention upper arm or legs, are you still inserting it horizontally like the instructions say? Or does direction really not matter?
Thanks for ideas as to where to put this!

I’ve had a 7plus for nearly a year and find upper inner thigh to give most consistent readings. Using abdomen seemed to be upset by trousers & belt. I always put the sensor horizontal. 21 days is my record.

The only place mine works for me is my upper arm. I insert it vertically. Its a bit awkward and I have to have someone help me to put it in though.

I am on my second sensor. My first was on the abdomen and was pretty accurate. I put the second one on my arm and I am getting good results there to. I have the one on my arm vertically. I notice it less than the abdomen until I take my shirt off and hook it. So far I am pleased with the dexcom. I was having hypo unawareness. I drove to work without knowing I had even gotten up or knowing I had driven. My boss found me wondering around and called my wife to come get me. After 3 times my doctor asked me to get on the dexcom and I have had hardly any lows which makes me feel much better.

I put mine above my waist on the backside of my side area. Its working perfectly.

On the back of arm works best for me. There's a video that helped me do it myself: