Bonkers sugars and insulin in pump going 'off'?

Hi everyone

I’m having a bit of a ‘everything going wrong’ day, and hope that maybe someone could help me figure out if its my pump, insulin or me thats gone bonkers in the diabetes department!

I woke up this morning with a sugar of 11.9, changed my set (was due), gave a correction and a meal bolus, An hour later I checked my sugar because I was feeling sick :14.9. I tried giving correction doses through the pump, but over 2 hours my sugar wouldn’t budge. Changed the set, now it has come down by three over the last few hours, although I have taken much more insulin than I ever should have.

Could the insulin in my pump be ‘off’’? And could it not be working properly for that reason? I just can’t figure this out. The reservoir has been in since Thursday, and is still about 3/4 full.

Any advice or ideas would be great!!!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Your insulin could have went bad. Try giving yourself an injecton out of a new vial of insulin and see if that helps.

This has happened to me several times, and it’s such a bad combination of mental irritation and physical discomfort! I completely empathize.

My endocrine team has advised me to inject if I get 2-3 insanely high sugars in a row. Typically the delivery has gone off, and not the insulin (this has been my experience, in any case). In these cases, once I get my sugar down to normal, the insulin in my pump continues to work like a champ.

I hope this helps, Annika!


Hi Emma

Thanks so much for your reply! Got it down to 7.0 by supper, and it seems to have covered what I ate, so must have been something else going bonkers! Still puzzles me how it could have taken around 10 hours to get a high BS down though. Strange!

Nice to know that I am not the only one who has experienced this…

I’m just glad today was a Sunday! :slight_smile:
Thanks again,


You’re so welcome! I’m very glad you’re better.

It is very puzzling, isn’t it? I always get a mental image of my body just going, “No! It’s mine! Don’t take my sugar away!” (Though perhaps that is influenced by the fact that I have a 2-year-old… ;)My doctor has no explanation for this, but a lot of what my body does with diabetes seems to be very mysterious. Yet another reason to be hyper-aware of and familiar with what is typical for my body.

I have kind of a dumb question… I see you’re in South Africa and you clearly use a different system of measurement for your blood sugar—if mine were 7, I’d be dead, as in the US it’s more common to measure mg/dL. What is your system?


for me, sometimes it takes a really long time to get a high BG down. when u give a correction bolus during this time try giving a little extra. you should also maybe try filling a new cartridge and change site. the cathedar may be bent or just not in a good spot

good luck! i know how hard it can be!

I see you have gotten it down now so this reply might be for future reference. I got a bad bottle of insulin once. It took a while to realize what was wrong and when I finally did it took a while to get it back to normal.

I, like Emma, am curious about measurement of BG. Your answer on this will interest me very much. Thanks!

She uses MMOL/l insted of what we use md/dl
Here is a link to convert