BOOK REVIEW: Eat To Beat Diabetes - meals that are low in carbs, low in fats and great tasting!

Well, as most of you know - I love to cook, I love to eat (my excuse is my clothing has to keep on fitting me - who wants baggy pants around their lower buttucks?). I took out this great book from the library and have been lucky enough to renew it twice - but now it’s due back - as it’s a new publication.

The reason I took out the book was due to it saying that it had recipes that are low in carbs. I’ve been watching my carb intake more carefully since going onto the pump and reeducating myself in my eating habits. Not that they’ve really changed - I still tend to eat more veggies then carbs when I sit down for my main meal. According to this book, a diabetic should plan their meal to be 1/2 veggies on the plate, then the remaining 1/2 should be 1/2 starch and 1/2 protein. So, I’m right on track with that.

Majority of the recipes in this book tend to be low carb - under 20g per serving - some lower (I like to eat meals under 30g of carb). The occassional recipe is abit higher then what I would normally eat (e.g. 56g) - but again - the serving size of the dish is for 4 people - I tend to eat a smaller amount - so when you factor that in - the carb count isn’t that overwhelming.

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