Looking for good diabetic cookbooks!

i need to find a good low carb cookbook! i try to stay out of the kitchen but my fiance asked me to look for one and if get one quick enough he might become my personal chef. :)

That’s motivation to get a good cookbook. Having a personal chef is my fantasy.

I haven’t found any diabetic cookbooks I liked. Most are too carb heavy & just substitute artificial sweeteners for sugar & that’s about it. Easier to adapt my old recipes leaving out or substituting ingredients.

http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/recipe_analysis.php is helpful. Cut & paste a recipe & it gives nutritional info (carbs, fat, sodium)

I’ve found great recipes on these sites & carb counts are included.

Linda’s Low Carb Menus & Recipes http://genaw.com/lowcarb/index.html
The Low Carb Cafe www.lowcarbcafe.com
Low Carb Luxury http://www.lowcarbluxury.com/index.html
Simply Recipes http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/low_carb/
Low Carb Eating http://lowcarbeating.com/
Low Carb Friends www.lowcarbfriends.com

Gerri always has a great set of links. For me, a good diabetic cookbook is one that clearly controls and limits carbs. It doesn’t have to be very low carb, but if the dishes exceed 25-30g of carbs for a serving, then as far as I am concerned that is a non-starter as a diabetic cookbook. I would recommend anything by Dana Carpenter, I particularly like “500 Low Carb recipes.” I also like books by George Stella and Dr. Michael Eades (of Protein Power fame). You should be able to find cookbooks from all these authors at a public library or at your local B&N or Borders. Hope that helps. Put that fiance to work and make him earn his keep.

I wouldn’t look under the category “diabetic cookbooks,” because those tend to go by the ADA’s still high-carb recommendations for diabetics, so mostly they are just healthy cooking for nondiabetics. Look for low-carb cookbooks, as others have suggested.

wow that’s interesting the ADA still recommends high carbs for diabetics?? i was taught the same thing in 1991 when i was diagnosed…

Yep, 45-60 carbs per meal, plus snacks. Eat whatever, take more insulin.

My boyfriend got me two good cookbooks that were recommended on the ADA website. I have made probably 6 recipes out of each, and we both thought they were good recipes. One nice thing about diabetic cookbooks is they list carbs, fiber, fat, protein, and sodium. There is an in consistency on the carbs in each recipe, though. I think they range from like 8 g of carbs to like 45 g. At least you know what you are eating.

The cookbooks are both Betty Crocker: Diabetes Cookbook and 30 minute meals for diabetics. (I like the second one better, though, for me. It has a section called “cooking for two” and has things like chicken stir fry and pepper stuffed with broccoli, beans and rice.)

Consider an Eat Smart scale. I love mine. It does the carb factor calcs for you, regardless of your recipe, and it will help him figure the carbs. Since I got the scale, when my boyfriend cooks for me, he hands me a little piece of paper where he has written the carbs (with fiber subtracted), protein and fat. It gives him something extra to do, a way to help me control my diabetes, and my gratitude keeps him helping me. Remember, men fix things, and anything useful you ask them to do to help, they will. Also remember, we have to thank them for fixing things.

i’m apalled

I was reprimanded by a nurse for not eating my required 15 carb snacks.

Dlife.com has quite a couple of nice recipes, then I also use bbcgoodfood.com and goodfoodmood blog qute often! On bbcgoodfood there are alot of healthy recipes, and with legumes and things. Nutri info included!