Diabetic cookbook...?

hi to all... new guy here, quik question, any GOOD diabetic cookbooks out there that you mite recommend? dont want something too complicated and not too fancy restaurant style cuisine. just want a simple, yet interesting and deicious meals, hopefully a cookbook WITH nutritional info (like the labels on food products? i NEED to start cooking more nutritional diabetic meals for myself, thanks in advance to all!

This kind of hits on the topic of what is a "diabetic diet" - the ADA guidelines suggest with starting at between 45-60 carbs for each meal, for some, including myself, low carb means 30-50 carbs a day.

So for me I look for low carb cookbooks instead of diabetic cookbooks. One that I found at the library and then picked up a used copy was "The Low Carb Gourmet" by Karen Barnaby. It must have gotten more popular as the used copies are going for a lot more than when I bought mine last year. However, many of the recipes are online at http://www.lowcarb.ca/low-carb-recipes.html

Some of them may be more complicated than you're looking for however some of them are fairly straightforward & easy. Her Cauli-flied Rice is very tasty and makes a great substitute for rice in many dishes.

The Weight Watchers cook books are very good and have Fat, carbs, fiber, and protein listed. Some of the books have just good home cooked recipes.

It's hard to find good cook books for diabetes, everyone has a different opinion about what there ideal foods are.

I use 500 LOW CARB RECIPES by Dana Carpender. I got it used from AMAZON...I paid $4 plus shipping. When it arrived it was brand new.

Not diabetic per se, but I get healthful & good-tasting recipes from "The Moosewood Cooks Lowfat" or Martha Rose Schulman's "Recipes for Health." Both have nutritional info & I choose the lower carb options.

I have all of Dana Carpenders LC cookbooks. Most of her recipes are under 5-10 carbs per serving, many a lot less.There is also a new cookbook out by a bunch of Low Carb bloggers called "Low Carbing Among Friends" It is very good. I found in the beginning I wasted a lot of money on Diabetic Cookbooks. I finally gave most of them away because I realised they were way too high carb for me. Many online sites are free and a great resource for diabetics. Two of my favorites is
www.genaw.com/lowcarb/ or www.lowcarbdiets.about.com