I’m finally getting around to using the bookstore gift cards my brother keeps giving me for my birthdays and Hanukah, so I have to figure out what books to buy.
I’m already planning on Bernstein’s book, and Think Like a Pancreas, and Good Calories, Bad Calories, but does anyone have any other suggestions?

I read Trainspotting in the lobby before a doctor’s appointment once and was laughing so hard that it lowered my BP.

Also get yourself one that’s pure joy to read.

Anything by Terry Pratchett for a good laugh and for pure enjoyment, that is if your into a Douglas Adams meets Tolkien kind of mood. I would recommend well I have liked them all.

I adore Terry Pratchett! I have several of his books in my voluminous SF collection. :slight_smile:

I bought 2 SF books today, and ordered the others – Bernstein and Scheiner have new editions coming out in November, so I decided to wait for them. I had a $10 bonus at the bookstore, and discovered that I had $150 on the gift cards, and only managed to spend $7 on the card today, but when the other books come in, I’ll spend more. But it will take me a while to use up THAT much money! :slight_smile:

I’d recommend Diabetes Burnout by W. Polonsky. And something fictional that you can escape into. I’ve just finished Never let me go by Ishiguro, which was a real page turner! Happy Reading : )

I refused to read him for so long, due to him having a whole self of titles. Finally read Good Omens and got hooked. I would say Sam Vimes is probably my favorite character, not a hero just an everyman.

Have you read any Christopher Moore?

That’s one I hadn’t thought of! And I can use the information. Thanks, Danny!

You might like the Shirley Rousseau Murphy Joe Grey mysteries–I do. Out of the ordinary, but believable to us cat people!

I would also pick up some of Dana Carpender’s low carb cookbooks. I have found her recipes are the best ones if you are going to follow Bernstein type diet.

Found out that it is out of print – and that if I use my gift card for a new one, it would cost $100. But there are used ones available, so I’m definitely going to do that. It’s something I really need to learn!

I see you have Good Calories Bad Calories on your list. Taubes has a new book Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It that covers the same basic material but aimed more at the general reader. I recently read it and thought it was good. Full of lots of good science to arm yourself for the next breakout of the carb wars here on TuD.